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Refresh / Redraw a Layer in OpenLayers (KML) Network-Link Auto Refresh
by General Mills in Web Design

TLDR I want to refresh a layer on a timer so it plots the new kml data (like update-link / network link)

So far I have tried action function as follows:

function RefreshKMLData(layer) {
layer.loaded = false;
layer.redraw({ force: true });

GWT - Refresh page Issues when I clicked on Broswers Refresh/reload button
by Pennsylvania in Development Tools & Services

When I am login in GWT Application, it will open my dashboard but when I am click on browsers refresh/reload button it will call entry point of my application and it will load my login page.
So how can I stop this issue.
How can I stay at same page when I am click on Browsers refresh button?

Does Bigquery instance in java api refresh it's Oauth 2.0 authorization automatically after building it with a credential that has a refresh token
by kakashi_ in Java

Good day,

I was recently testing Oauth2.0 Installed application authentication for bigquery through java api.
I used
this command line sample
as a source since i want to make it for the users eaiser to give access (it would be ugly to ask them to copy the code)

If i use SetAccessType(Offline) in GoogleAuthorizationCodeflow it says, that it automatically

Need to refresh a div containing captcha inside a contact form without having to refresh the whole page
by fukas78 in Web Design

I have a div tag within my contact form which holds the captcha items. I would like this section to be refreshed if the user finds the image unreadable. So I have placed an image link that would be used to initiate the refresh. I want that specific div to be updated and NOT the whole page. I tried all the possible ways the have put on the net, however, they don't work for me for some and I'

How do I refresh page automatically when partial refresh doesn't work?
by nascentmind in Web Design

If a leave a xpage open in the browser for a couple of hours, then when I come back and try to click on the pager (which does a partial refresh), it doesn't work. So how can I automatically detect this and force a full refresh? Is it possible at all?

auto post script with refresh of results (refresh not working)
by Jerome in Programming Languages

I have the following code, which I have got working with the auto post part, but it is not refreshing the form to allow the items I have posted to the database, but when I refresh the browser they show up.

this is my php/html:

echo'<ol id="update">';
while($comments_row = mysql_fetch_array($comments_sql)){
echo'<li class="">'.$comments_row[textar

Push to refresh on android as in gmail (and not pull to refresh like on iphone)
by Matthew Steed in Android

There have been many requests for a push to refresh widget or library on android, even if some people consider it's not such a good ui pattern (I must say I belong to this camp).

But what about "pull to refresh" or to be more precise : the mechanism used in gmail for android 4. When you reach the bottom of the list, you get the last element. But if you scroll up again (push) then a

Android Pull-to-Refresh doubles size of ListView on each Refresh()
by Dmitry in Programming Languages

Every time I pull to refresh (using chrisbanes library), my ListView gets all the "new" data appended to the end of the old data, instead of replacing it. I already checked my Json parser, which returns my ArrayList, and it's definitely NOT that I'm accidentally doubling up in the list itself.

I've tried all sorts of "notifyDataSetChanged()"'s and ".invalidate()"'s and I just cannot

how do i do a jquery/ajax refresh of sqldatareader data without page refresh in ASP.NET?
by scosant in Programming Languages

I have a sqldatareader spitting out SQL data on a page on page load but I'd like to add functionality to have a jquery button click that refreshes the data to the user from a fresh set of results, without refreshing the entire page.

I'm a beginner though and having trouble figuring out where to begin with this.

I have the following DIV content in my ASPX


how to refresh or revoke OAuth2.0 access/refresh_token, when no refresh token available?
by Tim Watson in Web Design

I was working in my sandbox environment trying to figure out the Chatter API calls - I had saved my refresh token during my testing but it was lost sometime later.

Now when I try to hit the API I am receiving the following error:

"expired access/refresh token"

How do I get around this now? I do not have a refresh token so i cannot make a reque

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