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Android Market Account registration and Google Checkout Merchant registration with two different acounts
by jfraser in Programming Languages

I am about to create Android Market Account. Lets say I have two accounts, account A and account B.

Can I use account A to pay android market registration fee of 25$ ?
Can I use account B to get money on sale of my app ?

how can one override default registration email in a hook form alter registration?
by PatrickSimonHenk in Web Design

The main site sends a registration email and I do not want that email to be sent to this new registration as it should have its own custom email. I am having a hard time with this because every time a user registers either on main registration or this custom registration, they get the same mail. How can i keep my custom registration mail separate?

Lazy Registration: How to let a guest user start their workflow and prompt registration when they try to save their work?
by Verbal in Programming Languages

I'm wondering what I would do to go about letting a guest use my web application without registering, then if they attempt to save their work they are prompted with a registration. This will be in a rails application by the way. Can I just allow public access to part of the work flow, then when they save check if they're a registered user (by session value, or cookie?). If they aren't a registe

django-registration custom registration form (recaptcha field)
by JGKelly in Web Design

I try to add a recaptcha field to my registration form and followed Marcos guide:


In my registration app, I have a file "forms.py" which looks like this:

from recaptcha import fields as captcha_field
from registration.forms import RegistrationFormUniqueEmail

django-registration adding additional fields in the registration form
by Murali Ravipudi in Web Design

I am interested in adding additional fields in the registration form, like
nickname and date of birth.

I am using django-registration 0.8, and I am planning to write my own custom form. I have looked at django-profiles and I think that the privacy control with that is not strong enough.

I plan to store these additional info in another database (mongodb) where I ha

django-registration - redirecting to registration form and displaying message
by el-Capitan in Web Design

After succesfully registering, the user is redirected to the template 'registration_complete.html'.

Is there any way of changing this behaviour to redirecting the user to the registration page and displaying a message?

I thought of doing something like this in registration_complete.html:

{% include 'registration/registration_form.html' with message='Your a

<fb:registration> redirects to http://www.facebook.com/plugins/registration.php
by pulkizine in Web Design

I am using the xfbml. I've implemented it on https://weddingful.com/signup

It works great in Chrome, FF, and Safari. If user is signed into Facebook, but not my website, the registration is integrated into the page. It looks like they said in https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/registration/

However in both IE 9 and IE 8, it redirects the user to http://www.fac

Facebook registration widget be used for a existing registration page
by Red Storm in Development Tools & Services

I am trying to include the new Facebook registration widget, but with the registration form that is already existing. I just want to include the link for prefill and nothing else. Once user fills that, the registration page should automatically be filled. I am not getting the way to just include only prefill link. Can any body suggest how to go forward.

adding two registration forms django-registration
by Simon Dick in Web Design

I am using django-registration app. I've two registration form A and B. A has default registration fields. And in B I've added custom fields and a signal. Following signal also execute for both registration form. That's why I added if form.is_valid(). and it sucks. I want to execute only when BForm is cal

Registration plugin, accessing registration data
by Russia in Development Tools & Services

I would like to develop a website using the Facebook Registration plugin. However, I would like to see whether it is possible to avoid having to save the registration data also on the website's own database.

The application is very simple, and it seems redundant that we need to save all the user data again just so we can pick up a random registration and notify a winner.


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