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Eclipse BlackBerry plugin can't find release build setting (debug to release)
by Steve Downing in Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to wrap up a BlackBerry Application project with the BB Plugin for Eclipse.

I'm currently trying to package a release version but it seems to be stuck in a debug build. Whenever I got to my deliverables folder there are about 20 .debug files along with the original .cod

I just want to package the project in release mode and I can't find the setting in Eclipse

Customize work item : found in release & resolved in release not populated
by Dean in Network & Servers

In TFS2010 I am customizing the CMMI template. I want to have 2 value-lists for "Found in build" and "Resolved in build" custom fields.

The suggested values must be taken from the builds that are populated by TFS in a globallist.

How can this be done to get it work ?

maven release plugin release.properties file contains unencrypted password
by joshboles in Programming Languages

I'm running the maven release plugin (org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-release-plugin:2.3.2) and noticed that the password to the scm is saved in clear text in the release.properties file when passed in via the command line. I want to know if there is a way to turn this off.

I'm using Hudson to automate the release process, and the svn username and password are passed in to the comman

maven release plugin - wagon fails with ssh auth but snapshort and release deploy works - eh?
by AtenRa in Web Design

I'm baffled and would appreciate any help. My build machine can no longer use the maven release plugin. When I try it fails on auth during the deployment from the tag. However, this machine can release using the standard deploy method to snapshot and release repositories (which are on the same machine with nexus as intermediary).

release:perform works from my desktop

Castle Windsor, hook continer release in order to call explicit components release
by Ph33zy in Web Design

I run this at the application Start Up

public class ConfigurationFacility : AbstractFacility {
private readonly List<string> configuredComponents = new List<string>();
protected override void Init() {
Kernel.ComponentRegistered += OnComponentRegistered;
// add environment configurators
private void OnComp

How to setup Visual Studio to copy required DLL files into the release directory in a release build?
by evident in Programming Languages

I remember that Visual Studio did itself do the task of copying required DLL files into the release directory in a release build, but now it doesn't do it anymore, and I have to search all through the C:WINDOWSsystem32 directory and other directories through my system to locate DLL files and paste them into the release directory of a project, searching for DLL files through the who

Change the ios app submission release date modify later to “Hold for Developer Release”
by Mpalle in Operating Systems

I have submitted the ios app to App store with release date. Currently, App in "Waiting for review". Later i have decided to modify to "Hold for Developer Release".

How do i achieve to change the release date to "Hold for Developer Release"?

iphone: threads + release pool + [ object release] = “message sent to deallocated instance”
by Imaginer in Programming Languages

I'm having a bad time with some little code running on the iphone.

Basically, i just press a button, it calls runTest, it runs test method on a background thread. That's why I created an autorelease pool.

if i run the below code i got a beautiful message on the console saying:
2010-09-07 11:45:15.527 test[1312:207] *** -[CFString relea

Can I release a no longer needed property of an instance of an object without worrying that dealloc will later “over-release” it?
by TC. in Programming Languages

I have an instance of an object "myObject" that has a few UIImage objects as properties. After I access these properties the first time I really don't need them any more.

Can I do a release on the instance's UIImage properties before the instance itself is released, or will this over-release the UIImage properties later when the "myObject" dealloc releases them also?

Passing extra parameters to release:prepare, but not to release:perform
by kamyar in Development Tools & Services

When preparing the release of a Maven 2 project which includes a GWT module, mvn -B release:prepare release:perform builds the GWT module twice, which takes up most of the time of the build.

Running a full GWT build is not necessary when executing release:prepare, a validate-only build is enough. This would be achieved by specifying the -Dgwt.validate

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