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Get the remaining rows
by Martin Dobrev in Databases

See the SQL query below, it count the total records that match with numbers and business tables.

SELECT N.mobile, B.name, count(*) as Total FROM records as R
LEFT JOIN business as B ON B.id = R.business_id
LEFT JOIN numbers as N ON N.id = R.numbers_id
group by N.mobile, B.name

However, there are remaining rows (

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How Do I See the Remaining Memory on My PS3?
by Maxton in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The Sony PlayStation 3, popularly known as the PS3, is a gaming console that allows you to play games, DVDs, and upload images, music and videos on to its built-in drive. It is ideal to determine how much memory your unit has left so you only download or save information that will fit on the drive. Checking how much memory your gaming console has left is quick and simple.Difficulty:EasyInstruction
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IE8 remaining height
by Wesley D. Radcliffe in Web Design

I'm aiming for a structure like this in IE8 (&IE9).

Dont want to use JavaScript, because some 3rd party is dynamically inserting Content, which should only result in a different scrollbar scale.

I have been searching for "plenty" of time, i.e. quite a lot of time.
I have failed to understand and/or use the following thread. StackOverflow: make-iframe-to-fit-100-of

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Remaining heap size
by avdempsey in Programming Languages

I know this might be an oversimplification - but I need to know the amount of free memory I could allocate in my program.
It's a windows mobile project (c++) and it seems like I might have a memory leak hiding somewhere. Calling a function which returns the remaining size (or remaining chunks) of heap storage I could access would be perfect.
Is there some way to traverse the available

PHP Time Remaining in Current Day
by Fırat Can Başarır in Programming Languages

How can we find out how many time remains to end the current day from current time[date('Y-m-d H:i:s')] in PHP.

Remaining time of QTimer
by turret in Operating Systems

In one of my projects I am working with a QTimer and I wonderer whether it is possible to get the remaining time of a QTimer in order to let the user know "Time until next timeout: 10 secs" or something like that... Is that possible? If not so, has anyone good ideas for how to realize that?

Maybe I got to write my own Timer...

How can I have a textarea take up the remaining height in a div?
by DCal430 in Web Design

I have a set of code as per below. The point is to have a set of images be in the div, and the remainder of the div is populated with a textarea. If I set the height = 100%, it will make it the same height, which isn't the (div.height - images.height) and makes the textarea longer.

It says on w3c that inherit doesn't work at the moment, auto will just make

Difference Between Remainder and Remaining
by Timo in Arts & Entertainment
While the two words have overlapping definitions, the word "remainder" is a noun form of the verb "remain" and can be used as a technical term in various contexts, whereas "remaining" is either an adjective or the progressive form of "remain," both of which are used in a broader sense. SimilaritiesBoth words can describe people or things which are left behind after the rest has been taken away,

How to Find the Remaining Memory on a Mac
by Broburger in Computers
Whenever you start up your Mac, the operating system loads into the system memory. Each application you launch also opens in system memory, also known as RAM. The more RAM available on your computer, the more efficiently it works, which is especially important when you load large applications and work with big files, such a pictures and videos. If you want to find out how much system memory remain

Is there any way to get the remaining time of animation?
by bikefixxer in Programming Languages

Suppose I have some div, and I use .animate({opacity:0},400, function(){}); for its children.
Is it ever possible then to get the remaining time for an animation to complete? eg, 200 ms remaining, or 0 if there's no animation?

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