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Rendering JSON object into HTML, render function don't render deep objects
by sepe in Web Design

I have this JSON layout:

"tag": "div",
"attr": [
["id", "sortSideStyleIlluminated"],
["class", "sortSideWidget"]
"childs": [
"tag": "img",
"attr": [
["class", "sortSide"],

How to render a normal view file using “render” method in Rails?
by nipplefish in Programming Languages

I have 2 view files, index.html.erb and index.js.erb. The erb file obviously contains all the data to be sent to the yield call.

Now I want to insert the content of index.html.erb into #contents div on the page, using index.js.erb.

Is there a way to render index erb file into a variable in the

Render failing to render correct template in rescue_from ActiveRecord::Rollback method
by Jim Davis in Programming Languages

I'm building the checkout page for an e-commerce site, and I have a fairly long transaction that creates a new User model and a new Order model. I wrapped the creation of these models in a transaction so that if validation for one fails, the other isn't hanging around in the database. Here's the trimmed-down code in my OrdersController:

rescue_from ActiveRecord::Rollback, with: :

Avoiding double render error when rendering a 500 screen from original render exception
by in Web Design

In my Application controller, I have this to catch all otherwise uncaught exceptions...

if Rails.env != "test"
rescue_from Exception, :with => :render_500

It nicely catches exceptions and calls my "render_500" action, which logs the exception to the database and then renders a custom 500 page that includes a reference GUID for the exce

On activeadmin, when render :index aftter create doesn't render sidebars
by seventy6 in Programming Languages

I'm trying to insert a form to create the resource on the index page with AA.

To do that I'm rendering the form withing a partial.

After the action to create the object is processed I want to render the index page but it doesn't render the sidebars.

I can't just redirect_to because if there are any errors on the form they wouldn't being displaye

django: Context.render() method doesn't render actual css styles?
by Norway in Web Design

I'm using django method Context.render() to render my template to actual html code, and store the code into a file so that I can convert it into pdf, and I have external css file that stores all the layout. However, when the file is rendered, the css codes are not expanded as they are, but stay as "classes" and "ids". Is there a way that I can render the actual css styles as well? Thanks.

Emberjs - Unable to render a nested view by using appendTo and {{render}} helpers
by thejunglegod in Development Tools & Services

I am trying a simple event handling mechanism in nested views scenario by using appendTo method & {{render}} helper and is throwing 'Cannot call method lookup of null' error while loading

JSFiddle for the same - Simple nested view event handling

One more observation is it all works fine if I write {{render 'parent'}} in the application templ

Is it possible to call Scripts.Render or Styles.Render from the code behind of an ASPX file?
by futurefields in Programming Languages

Is there a way to replicate the behaviour of the @:Scripts/Styles.Render helper from code behind?

If I reference the bundles by using the BundleTable.Bundles.ResolveBundleUrl method, then bundling and minification occurs even with debug=true. I've read other questions, and the solution seems far obvious, by using the previously mentioned helpe

Having to call “render :layout => false” to correctly render js.erb template in Rails 2.3.3
by xetrill in Programming Languages

I'm running the latest Rails 2-3-stable branch (currently 2.3.3).

I'm using JQuery to post an AJAX request to my 'create' action, in which I have the following block:

respond_to do |format|

I have created create.js.erb and to test this action, I've added the following single line:


knockout - render one individual model object in a collection (within data table don't render all records)
by mikko in Web Design

I have a fiddle at http://jsfiddle.net/JpJQE/5/ though I seem to be having an issue with it. Down in viewModel.showDetails I can't seem to call getter functions to return model values. I don't have this problem locally.

What I'm really trying to do and resolve, however, is to only render the table rows for the individual drug clicked on in the list at the top of the "result" panel

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