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reorder database when reorder UitableView cell
by neosephiroth86 in Operating Systems

i am using reordering in UITableView in iOS. i want that my database should also reorder when i reorder in UITableView cell. I am not able to find anything helpful tutorials till now. How can i make changes in database with change in order in UITableview. please help.

How to Reorder With ACL
by brainhulk in Internet
Access control lists, or ACLs, allow Internet protocol --- IP --- into your network or block it. The lists need maintenance from time to time to maintain their usefulness. The process for maintenance could include reordering or complete removal of the list to add or remove existing entries.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Determine what type of maintenance is needed. The maintenance that needs t
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Reorder NSOperationQueue
by Ionith in Mobile Programming

I'm looking for a way to reorder an NSOperationQueue.

I could cancel all the operations and toss them back in using the order I want, but I was hoping for something a little bit cleaner. Any thoughts?

How to reorder pixels
by Ohio in Programming Languages

I have searched on Google but I couldn't find anything.

I want to create a Python script that can import an image, change the order of pixels, and save an output image.

I have worked with Python a lot, but only with the built-in libraries. So if I have to use new commands, please describe it as much as you can.

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How to reorder a SQL query?
by CurrentlyPissed in Databases

I am developing an sproc for SSMS 2008 R2 report parameter in SSRS. I am currently populating this parameter with this script:

Null As [program_id],
'-All-' As [program_name]
[program_info_id] AS [program_id],
FROM [evolv_reports].[dbo].[programs_view]
Order By [program_name]<
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How reorder primary key?
by Jason Dockery in Programming Languages

I have deleted one row(row 20) in my "table category" ,please let me know that how can i reorder the catid (primary key)? at this time it is 21 after 19.


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reorder dendrogram
by JSebok in Programming Languages

I want to reorder a dendrogram with reorder.dendrogram, but can not bend my head around how to set the parameters.

The dendrogram has one "outlier" branch, which I want to move to the other side.

I can do that by this cut/merge calls, but surely it is possible with reorder?

Here is the dendrogram:

tdro <- structure(list(structure(9L, members

Possible to reorder iframes in the dom?
by Red Storm in Web Design

I have a page that has several dynamically created iframes all in a div. I would like to dynamically reorder them within that div without refreshing them and/or losing their contentWindow.

If I try and insertBefore this doesn't work and I end up losing the content of the iframe I am trying to move.

Is there a way to do this without doing position absolute and having to

Reorder integer except for value 0 with sql
by soonk in Databases

I'm trying to get an ordered list of rows out of my MYSQL database table based upon an integer value 'place'.

SELECT * FROM mytable
ORDER BY place;

This works okay, except that all rows with value place=0 should appear at the end of the table.

So if my table is:

name place
---- -----
John 1
Do 2
Eric 0

Reorder JSON with new key
by Milander in Web Design

I have a large JSON returned from a rest service and I need to sort it before I can use it.

Example lines:

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