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How to Start a Home Repair Shop With Chain Saw Repair Tools
by clubbedseal in Business
If you have the tools you need to repair gas-powered chain saws, you really do have everything you need to expand into repairing a number of pieces of small-engine equipment. What you may not have, of course, are the proper zoning permits in your town to operate a business. While businesses of this sort tend to be extremely low-key, you must check with your local city government and even your home

Small Engine Repair: How to Repair a Recoil Spring
by kanda in Home & Garden
Many small gas engines, like the kind found on your push lawn mower, are powered with help from a recoil spring starter that has to be pulled. If your recoil string will not recoil or if it jams halfway, it's a good indication that your recoil spring has probably been broken. Over time the recoil assembly and spring are subject to a lot of wear and tear. When your recoil spring breaks, you will ha

How to Repair Windows Vista Using Startup Repair
by Omer72 in Computers
Windows Vista has many more diagnostic and repair tools than its predecessor, Windows XP. One especially useful feature is the Windows Startup Repair. A powerful diagnostic tool, it automates the repair process if you experience problems booting up. Running the Startup Repair tool will often restore a non-booting Windows Vista computer to working order.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You

Dark Repair Mechanism Vs. Light Repair in DNA
by krismolendyke in Hobbies, Games & Toys
DNA has many repair pathways. One must occur in the light, and several can occur in the dark. These mechanisms are distinguished by whether the enzymes required to perform the actions obtain their energy from the sun. UV DamageTwo bases of DNA can become cross-linked in the presence of UV light. This cross-linking prevents a variety of cellular processes from occurring, including DNA replicatio

How to Repair a NTFS File on XP Without a Repair Disk
by sql-server in Computers
Microsoft Windows XP does not necessarily need the XP Repair Disk to repair a corrupted or damaged NTFS file. Windows XP ships with a small and very useful utility named CHKDSK that will find and repair damaged sectors on the hard drive. In most cases, the file system will be restored to a normal state after CHKDSK is run and files will be repaired. In some cases, however, files may be so damaged

Can I Repair My Credit by Myself or Is it Better to Use a Credit Repair Service?
by LinAdmin in Personal Finance
The information in your credit report helps determine your credit score. Your credit score and report are then reviewed by lenders when evaluating you for credit. Negative information or a low score can either prevent you from obtaining credit you desire or an cause you to pay a higher interest rate. Repairing issues in your credit report can improve your credit score and credit report. What Do

Credit Repair Services to Fix Bad Credit With Credit Repair Companies
by deanschang in Personal Finance
Becoming mired in credit card debt is a very helpless feeling. However, if you're in serious debt, the problem goes much deeper than owing a lot of money to your creditors. You must also consider the impact your debt is having on your credit score. If you think your credit is destroyed beyond repair, you can consider seeking the counsel of credit repair companies. Importance of CreditThe damage

How to Repair an AVI & a WMV
by Roel van Dijk in Computers
An .avi file is a common video-file format, playable with most media-player applications. A .wmv file (Windows Media Video) is another common video-file format. There are many utility programs which can repair these files if they have been partially corrupted.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Use Video Fixer (free trial, see Resources section). This program can fix or repair partially dama
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How to Repair IE
by piratus in Internet
Although other Web browsers -- such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari -- have gained in popularity in recent years, Internet Explorer continues to be a widely used Web browser. If your Internet Explorer browser seems to be working incorrectly, you may need to repair the program. Microsoft has automated much of the browser repair process, but you may need to start the process yourself.Difficulty:Modera
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Do it Yourself Well Repair
by GalaxiaGuy in Home & Garden
Wells can often have problems due to inadequate water supplies, clogs in the pump system and wiring problems. Many problems with a well can be fixed by a knowledgeable homeowner. If you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars to have your well repaired, then consider a few do-it-yourself well repair tricks that could get your system working again. Pipe FixesThe pipe, which runs down the length

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