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Display data in Nested repeater control & how to pass value parentID from Parent Repeater to Child Repeater using asp.net
by Martin Koch in Programming Languages

I have to display photo gallery as show in the image. I store information for photo gallery in 4 different tables. i need to show on main page CategoryName and Albums along with their respected Icon and link them to a AlbumCategoryPage.aspx.

In order to achieve this i am using nested repeater control.

Parent Repeater will show Category Image (as show in red color)

Nesting Repeater in Gridview: Hiding gridview row and repeater header if data is not there in repeater
by youtube-api in Programming Languages

I have nested a repeater control in Gridview. Right now it is showing gridview rows and repeater header for every case(whether data is there or not for that particular grid view row in the repeater control). I want to hide the gridview row and repeater control header when there is no data present for that particular gridview row.

That case I handled at code level by fil

how access a gridview inside a repeater which is inside a repeater (Nested Repeater)
by Bobblegate in Programming Languages

How can I access rep_DataSimilarToBacthid ?

I need to bind the GridView and call GridView RowDataBound or InitializeRow

<asp:Repeater ID="rep_UnAssignComps" runat="server">
<asp:Repeater ID="rep_UnAssignComps" runat="server">

Find the repeater hosting a hidden field then hide the repeater using JavaScript
by DexNFx in Javascript

I was wondering if this is possible, here's a snippet of my repeater code:

<td><asp:RadioButton ID="rdoOption1" Text="<%$ Resources:Radio.Option1.Text %>" GroupName = "Options" AutoPostBack = "True" runat="server" Checked="True" /></td>

Flex Repeater: Delay repeater until rest of view has loaded
by sjwaste in Programming Languages

I have a flex repeater for an accordion inside a TitleWindow that is quite slow, I've already set recycleChildren to true, which has helped, but it's still slow on the first load and causes the animation to stutter when I open the TitleWindow.

The repeater is just one part of what's visible in the TitleWindow, what I would like to do is have the repeater load after the rest of the c

Repeater within an UpdatePanel - Identifying Specific Repeater Child Control
by Bateluer in Programming Languages

Question: How do I identify which control* fired the partial postback?

*control = A textbox that has been dynamically generated via a Repeater control.

High Level: Essentially I have an UpdatePanel that encapsulates a Repeater control. I use the repeater to dynamically add textboxes and placeholders.

OnChange of one of the textboxes, I want the UpdatePanel

how to sum the text box value in child repeater control and show the result in parent repeater label using java script and jquery?
by itsmegb in Java

emphasized text hi i am using repeater control inside the repeater control.In Child repeater i am adding the text box value and show the result in the parent repeater control label.here i got the sum value in child repeater but i want to identify the label in Parent repeater to display result in label. help me how to get the parent control.. give some sample code here i want know how to get th

Databinding repeater makes the Repeater load all items twice
by tgwizard in Programming Languages

I have a repeater on which I bind a list with 3 items. The databind() is called once, I have checked this using the debugger. I have some strange behavior here because the Repeater seems to walk through this list of items twice. Instead of the 3 items, I see the repeater bind everything twice.

/// <summary>
/// Handles the Load event of the Page control.

How do you access one repeater's control into another repeater's OnItemCommand() method?
by Anderson in Programming Languages

lets say I want to make a label of repeater1 visible in repater2's ItemCommand() method..


is not working..how else do you do it ?


changed that to repeater1.FindControl("rpt1Label").Visible=True;

This is throwing object reference null exception

Repeater within a Gridview - Repeater only pulling from the last gridview ID(causing each repeater to be the same)
by dcutting in Programming Languages

I have a gridview that displays all trips - within that gridview I have a repeater that displays the countries visited during that trip (one to many). My repeater is suppose to grap the tripID and then populate the datasource, which populates the repeater. Unfortunately, my repeater is just being populated with the last tripID specified.

<asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat=


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