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What Is the Repertory Grid?
by CookingCoder in Health
The repertory grid is a measurement tool, a chart, used in Personal Construct Theory (PCT). The PCT is a psychological assessment that looks for connected meaning in a person's relationships and, more recently, also in groups and businesses. The repertory grid makes numeric correlations. ConstructsA construct is how a person perceives something. For example, a person believes that working is ha

How to Join a Traveling Repertory Theatre Group
by matt.s in Arts & Entertainment
There are traveling repertory theatre groups all over the world. The auditions are relatively easy to find. It is just a matter of making an appointment, preparing for the audition, acing the audition and landing the role. Believe me, it sounds a lot easier than it really is. Here is how to become a traveling stage actor, considering everything goes your way with the auditions. And, who knows? It

How to Use a Repertory Grid to Identify Intangibles in Business Plans
by vb.net in Business
The repertory grid process is a method of questioning an interviewee. Using the process allows the interviewer to go beyond the surface answers to the true, possibly subconscious, thought constructs of the interviewee. The process was developed in the 1930s by George A. Kelly, a psychologist, who postulated that while there is only one reality, each person experiences that reality differently and

How to use make ant compile recognise junit.jar inside project repertory
by keird in Programming Languages

I have a projet that uses Junit for tests. The problem is that when I try compiling and running my projet from eclipse, everything works excellent, but when I try compiling with ant, I get tons of errors that it does not recognize any function from Junit (like "test()"). I did a copy&paste of junit.jar inside the project folder, my classpath is "./", but it still does not work. Anybody ha


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