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python3: removing several chars from a string with a long chain of .replace().replace().replace()
by tgwizard in Programming Languages

I found this example on stack overflow. I understand it, but seems like a bit much for such a simple method concept... removing several chars from a string.

import string
exclude = set(string.punctuation)
s = '.join(ch for ch in s if ch not in exclude)

is there a builtin string method in python 3.1 to do something to the tune of:

s = "a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i"

Regex.Replace, String.Replace or StringBuilder.Replace which is the fastest?
by rainy in Programming Languages

I need to replace all System.Environment.Newline(s) in the string returned by my function with System.Environment.Newline + (as I am trying to apply indenting) and I need to do this several times.

My question is which one is the most efficient way to do this?

I know that StringBuilder is faster than String.Replace but

Regex: Replace WITH REPEATED strings , not “replace repeat”
by amelim in Programming Languages

Could we replace a matched pattern with a REPEATED pattern USING regular expression?

For example :
the target string is "abc2:4def" , what I want is abc2222def, that means the "4" is a repeater in the target string and I want to compose my string back to "uncompressed" format.

I could think of the back reference in sed,

sed '

Javascript replace with regular expression - Replace only part of string found
by Mike Bakalov in Programming Languages

I have a string that looks like the following:

"01/11/2012 (Last, First) - Notes,02/11/2012 (Last, First) - More Notes,03/11/2012 (Last, First) - Even More Notes,09/12/2012 (Last, First) - You get the idea"

I would like each note to fall on a new line by replacing any comma followed by a number with '

I have tried .replace(/,/g, '

How to replace all characters in a string using JavaScript for this specific case: replace . by _
by Jimmy G. in Javascript

The following statement in JavaScript works as expected:

var s1 = s2.replace(/ /gi, '_'); //replace all spaces by the character _

However, to replace all occurrences of the character . by the character _, I have:

var s1 = s2.replace(/./gi, '_');

But the result is a string entirely filled with the character _


Replacing multiple string Replace() with a single Regex.Replace()
by Jesse in Programming Languages

if I'm doing something like that:


How can I replace that with

Regex.Replace(someString," here I don't know what the pattern should be")

I've tried this:

Regex.Replace(someString, @"(?:abc|def|c:Windows)")

but it didn

How to replace broken German Umlauts with MySQL REPLACE function?
by Chook2330 in Development Tools & Services

(I accidentially asked this question first on DBA but found out in the FAQ to ask SQL questions here on SO instead)

I'm trying to "repair" a MySQL database (UTF-8 collation) that was imported from an encoding-broken SQL text file.

I.e. the German umlauts are broken inside the database. What should read e.g. "ü" is displayed as "ü".

Since I'm aware of the

Regex replace - how to replace same pattern in multiple places with different strings?
by Jérôme in Programming Languages

I have a peculiar problem..!

I have a string with some constant value at multiple paces. For example consider the following sting.

string tmpStr = "Hello _tmp_ how is _tmp_ this possible _tmp_ in C#...?"

Now i want to replace each of the tmp in the string with values that are stored in an array, first tmp holds array[0], second tmp holds array[1]

RegEx.Replace to Replace Whole Words and Skip when Part of the Word
by patheems in Programming Languages

I am using regex to replace certain keywords from a string (or Stringbuilder) with the ones that I choose. However, I fail to build a valid regex pattern to replace only whole words.

For example, if I have InputString = "fox foxy" and want to replace "fox" with "dog" it the output would be "dog dogy".

What is the valid RegEx pattern to take only "fox" and leave "foxy"?

Android - fragment .replace() doesn't replace content - puts it on top
by jcwagers in Programming Languages


FragmentTransaction transaction = getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction();
Fragment1 fragment = new Fragment1();
Fragment2 fragment2 = new Fragment2();
transaction.replace(R.id.Fragment1, fragment);

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