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Replacing without replacing the start
by CrimsonGore in Programming Languages

I have a string which varies everytime it is input as it is a search query, an example of this may be Z00044XLE1311, however I wish to do that the same product can be returned if the customer removes all the 0's (there is always zeros after the first few letters) however I don't seem to be able to do this, I want to essentially search for Z*44XLE1311 instead.

I would prefer to do th

Replacing all <br> with <br />
by Mandaris in Programming Languages

I'm using this (jQuery) to replace all <br>s with <br /> to clear out validation errors:

$("<br>").replaceAll("<br />");

but it doesn't reduce any validation errors. Does validator check the original source?

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Replacing a DIV?
by Rob M in Web Design

I need to replace a div with another div, I have no idea how to do this?? Is there a way to place a div on top of another div and then just make the one transparent?

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Replacing a value with a new value
by thejunglegod in Programming Languages

If i have :

if(ipp instanceof TCPPacket){
TCPPacket tcp = (TCPPacket)ipp;
int destPort = tcp.dst_port;
int srcPort = tcp.src_port;

How to replace destPort and srcPort with a defined number like 10 ?

Need help replacing & with &amp;
by Paratus in Programming Languages

I have no idea why I'm not able replace & with &amp;

This is my string: /Designers/batlak&selvig.jpg.

This is what I've tried so far:

$image = preg_replace("#(&(?!amp;))#U",'&amp;',$brand['image']);
$image = str_replace('&','&amp;',$brand['image']);
$image = htmlspecialchars($br

Replacing with \
by saikoh in Programming Languages

I have a string. I want to search for a single slash and then replace "" (single slash) with a "" (double slash).

string Method1(string s)
string upadtedString = s;
if (s.Contains(""))
//do nothing
else if(s.Contains(""))
string s1 = "";
string s2 = "";
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Replacing text with PHP
by chadrico in PHP

I've got an array in PHP:

$wxCode = array(
'VC' => 'nearby',
'MI' => 'shallow',
'PR' => 'partial',
'BC' => 'patches of',
'DR' => 'low drifting',
'BL' => 'blowing',
'SH' => 'showers',
'TS' => 'thunderstorm',
'FZ' => 'freezing',
'DZ' => 'drizzle',
'RA' =&

Replacing Text in PHP?
by negonicrac in PHP

I'm need of a tiny help.I have a get statement on my process form like this

<?php echo $_GET['search']?>

Now how do i put "+" sign in between the spaces.Because what my current code does is just gets the data from the text of another form.

I would be glad if you could help.

Thanking You,

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Replacing storyboard with XIB
by Marcos de Carvalho in Operating Systems

How can I replace storyboard with XIB?

While trying to create dynamically views and their controllers, I lost all advantages of the new storyboard. Now, when trying to remove it from the project, I created a new XIB with its own controller and replaced it in project settings:

Now, when trying to run the application, it crashes and the log shows me the following:

MySQL replacing
by Andrew L. in Programming Languages

I have a MySQL table with a VARCHAR field called 'name' and a few thousand rows. Each row is formatted like:

'Some text <1000 - 2000>'

I would like to remove the '<1000 - 2000>' part, leaving just the 'Hello world' text. The text and numbers are different for each row. How can this be done with a query? I assume some sort of regular expression.

Any help

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