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Replacing without replacing the start
by CrimsonGore in Programming Languages

I have a string which varies everytime it is input as it is a search query, an example of this may be Z00044XLE1311, however I wish to do that the same product can be returned if the customer removes all the 0's (there is always zeros after the first few letters) however I don't seem to be able to do this, I want to essentially search for Z*44XLE1311 instead.

I would prefer to do th

Replacing all <br> with <br />
by Mandaris in Programming Languages

I'm using this (jQuery) to replace all <br>s with <br /> to clear out validation errors:

$("<br>").replaceAll("<br />");

but it doesn't reduce any validation errors. Does validator check the original source?

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Replacing a DIV?
by Rob M in Web Design

I need to replace a div with another div, I have no idea how to do this?? Is there a way to place a div on top of another div and then just make the one transparent?

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Replacing a value with a new value
by thejunglegod in Programming Languages

If i have :

if(ipp instanceof TCPPacket){
TCPPacket tcp = (TCPPacket)ipp;
int destPort = tcp.dst_port;
int srcPort = tcp.src_port;

How to replace destPort and srcPort with a defined number like 10 ?

Need help replacing & with &amp;
by Paratus in Programming Languages

I have no idea why I'm not able replace & with &amp;

This is my string: /Designers/batlak&selvig.jpg.

This is what I've tried so far:

$image = preg_replace("#(&(?!amp;))#U",'&amp;',$brand['image']);
$image = str_replace('&','&amp;',$brand['image']);
$image = htmlspecialchars($br

Replacing with \
by saikoh in Programming Languages

I have a string. I want to search for a single slash and then replace "" (single slash) with a "" (double slash).

string Method1(string s)
string upadtedString = s;
if (s.Contains(""))
//do nothing
else if(s.Contains(""))
string s1 = "";
string s2 = "";
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Replacing TCP/IP pipe with WCF
by joshboles in Programming Languages

So currently my company is using a TCP/IP connection to talk between server and client programs, right now we are building this connection using System.RunTime.Remoting, which is clunky and not that reliable. It was built about 5 years ago and the model keeps getting reused and it's starting to propagate some issues, ports used, refused connections, etc.

I'm trying to find some reso

Replacing Text in PHP?
by negonicrac in PHP

I'm need of a tiny help.I have a get statement on my process form like this

<?php echo $_GET['search']?>

Now how do i put "+" sign in between the spaces.Because what my current code does is just gets the data from the text of another form.

I would be glad if you could help.

Thanking You,

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Replacing / with regex
by acolomba in Programming Languages

I have a question regarding replacing some characters with regex or any other best practice or efficient way.
Here is what I have as input, it has mostly the same form: A/ABC/N/ABC/123
The output should look like this: A_ABC_NABC123, basically the first 2 / should be changed to _ and the rest removed.
Of course i could do with some

Need help replacing swprintf
by destrekor in Programming Languages

I am using some cross platform stuff called nutcracker to go between Windows and Linux, to make a long story short its limited in its support for wide string chars. I have to take the code below and replace what the swprintf is doing and I have no idea how. My experience with low level byte manipulation sucks. Can someone please help me with this?

Please keep in mind I can't go craz

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