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Replicating Data from One DB to another
by seph87 in Databases

Im wondering if you could point me to a few possibilities in the best way to move/replicate data from one database on a different server to my database.

Ideally any update on the other database would be immediately pushed to mine.

Another thing i was thinking about ok lets say the master database has 100 tables I could build a process to move the data from the 100 tables

Replicating the same AES encryption from C# in PHP
by deom2i in C & C++ & C#

I am working on a project where I have a C# application which has an encryption class which can perform encryption and decryption of a string value. I now want to make a web interface to work alongside my C# application using PHP.

I am trying to do the same sort of encryption that my C# project is doing in my PHP web site but I can't work out what I need to do.

Below i

Replicating database changes
by Gurpreet Singh in Databases

I want to "replicate" a database to an external service. For doing so I could just copy the entire database (SELECT * FROM TABLE).

If some changes are made (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE), do I need to upload the entire database again or there is a log file describing these operations?


Replicating iOS Keyboard Functionality
by okhomenko in Programming Languages

I have successfully added a custom keyboard (inputview), and it is fully functioning. I have ran into an issue that I can't seem to find an answer to.

My keyboard consists of a grid of buttons that is very much like UIKeyboardTypeDecimalPad, and each button adds or removes text from the UITextField when UIControlEventTouchUpInside is thrown just like one would expect.


Replicating iPhone's Photos App
by CodeOfficer in Operating Systems

I'm looking to replicate the iPhone Photo's app behaviour, where it letterboxes the picture when zoomed out, but when zoomed in the bars no longer exist. What view layout (and math) do I need to achieve this?


Replicating IsNullable(of T) Value accessing
by got_bainne in Programming Languages

When using Nullable(Of T) you can access its value by either calling Nullable(Of T).Value property directly, or by just accessing the object directly eg:

Dim myValue As Nullable(Of Integer) = 10

How would I replicate the second example in my own class?

Replicating Java's DecimalFormat in C#
by Justin Bowers in Java

I am trying to replicate a subset of Java's DecimalFormat class. Below is what I've come up with. Does this look right to everyone?

public class DecimalFormat : NumberFormat
int _maximumFractionDigits;
int _minimumFractionDigits;
string _format;
void RebuildFormat ()
_format = "{0:0.";

Replicating PhotoScroller entirely in code
by squarecut1 in Mobile Programming

I've been trying to replicate Apple's PhotoScroller sample app entirely in code but had no success so far. Even if I copy the PhotoViewController, ImageScrollView, and TileView classes over to a new project and create a PhotoViewController instance programmatically, it doesn't quite work like in the PhotoScroller app:

In my replicated app I can move the images up and down while in t

Replicating probit regression in SAS and R
by Matthew Steed in Programming Languages

I'm trying to replicate my SAS work in R, but I get slightly different results -- differences that can't be explained by rounding error.

Here's my SAS code:

proc qlim data=mydata;
model y = x1 x2 x3/ discrete(d=probit);
output out=outdata marginal;
title "just ran QLIM model";

And here's my R code:


Replicating BUG ID to all Tortise Clients
by sarah in Development Tools & Services

We are using Visual SVN server and Tortise SVN client. We want to add BUG ID, to track all our checkins.

We could successfully do the same for one of the client machines which has Tortise SVN Client. But the same is not getting replicated to other machines.

How to setup the BUG ID at VisualSVN server so that all client machines will get replicated with BUG ID option.

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