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Default path for MSDN Reports Services /ReportServer and /Reports virtual directories
by Anderson in Programming Languages

I'm trying to use MSDN Reports Services 2005, but I'm realising that I broke the installation, so I'm trying to fix it without having to rebuild it entirely. (Though I'm becoming more tempted the longer this goes on.) Unfortunately, all the documentation assumes you haven't done something stupid. ;)

Amongst the things I've broken in the process is that I've lost the IIS virtual di

reports - user design reports - how to build a very complex dynamic query
by xeemzor in Programming Languages

I have a HR SaaS built on PHP.

We have a lot of objects (company, clients, apliances, proposal, etc... like a mini ERP).

The way we do the reports today is... each one is a method, with a fixed query, fixed cols and etc.

I want to build a report class, where the user can choose which cols from which object to build their own reports (like vtigercrm, sugarcrm)

How to configure reports server and how to work with Reports in .NET Windows Forms Application?
by cashshadow in Programming Languages

How to configure reports server in SQL server 2008 R2?

How to work with Reports in .NET Windows Forms Application?

How could I create simple reports and publish them? How could I debug them easily?

Please do provide your thoughts.

Crystal Reports 13.0, SQL Server Compact 4.0 logon problems when running reports
by Fezlakk in Databases


Hi, I know it is a real pain to integrate Crystal reports with SQL Server Compact 4.0. I tried the above approach(link) to create a crystal report using SQL Compact 4.0 as back end. It works like a charm on my development machine. This approach basically creates a link between the report and the SDF.
I am able

How to create dynamic reports with crystal reports - Visual Studio 2008?
by DaveF in Programming Languages

I want to create a crystal report application in Visual Stuio 2008, which will be able to create reports by the user. the user will choose the filed he wants and the report will view them.

I also want to know if there is an option to create "smart fileds" which wil calculate for example an input - date and will view the date+ 3 days.


Changing Crystal Reports reports shipped with an application and a runtime version
by DexNFx in Programming Languages

We have a purchased application (I'm told it's .NET, it's client server, running on Windows XP, connecting to SQL Server 2005) that uses a Crystal Reports runtime and separate report files (.rpt) to do it's reporting function. I have a copy of the CR Designer program but we don't have the CR Enterprise software. I can open the reports in the designer, get to the SQL Server data source (and an

Populating reports/letters by using Word instead of Crystal Reports in a C# application?
by Shantanu in C & C++ & C#

I'll preface by saying that these reports are generated through a C# application;

I have customers who send me a template (Word-document) for a letter or report which they wish to populate with data (text, images, etc) from their database (which is used by their CRM system). Usually I will have to re-design these in Crystal Reports and add all necessary tags and fields. Which is a t

Dynamic quarterly reports for 250 clients - Crystal Reports or other tool?
by WellBeing in Databases

I'm looking to create a 2-3 page PDF report for a list of 250 clients.

The data is originally obtained from an Excel spreadsheet.

What I need to do essentially is import that Excel data into a tool (Crystal Reports or a better option?), and have it generate 250 PDF documents based on a predesigned template.

The 250 clients are clearly indicated within the ori

Porting enterprise one reports from Crystal Reports to JasperReports framework
by vferman in Programming Languages

My employer is considering migrating our e1 reporting from crystal reports 10 to another solution.

I want to use jasper server and I was wondering if there is a standard migration path or standard report package that we could use to make the task easier/faster. Also, any experience shared about creating the user objects for jasper business intelligence portal would be appreciated.<

Make A4 reports with background image in C# (like Jasper Reports and iReport)
by skulldrinker in C & C++ & C#

I just want to put some values from my database on an A4 page (I have a JPG template)
and create a PDF book/report with an insert per page.
I have easily done it with NetBeans Java Jasper Reports using iReport editor.

It seems so much more difficult in Visual Studio C# Crystal Reports.
I've really searched for tutorials for Crystal Reports and none of them
is usi


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