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Executing only one request out of 20 request from a thread - need to execute all request based on conditional statements
by skh in Web Design

I have 5 threads and each having multiple request (nearly 50).
When I start to execute all threads every thread running fine with all requests but only one thread (Thread3) not executing all required requests.

All my requests are executing through some conditional statement (ex: If TC1=TRUE --> execute).
In Thread 3 all conditions are correctly defined but alwa

PUT request using `UrlFetchApp` returns 'Bad Request' but the same request outside Google Apps Script works
by RandomWords in Network & Servers

This is the Google Apps Script that makes the request:

UrlFetchApp.fetch('https://user:password@sitename.com/api', {
method: 'put',
headers: { 'Accept': '*/*' },
payload: 'foo=bar&baz=qux'

Which can be successfully posted to http://requestb.in/, for examination:

PUT /1bfk94g1 HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: Mozilla/5

No response was received. Either the request could not be opened or the request timed out ( for POST request )
by ShifterMSK in Web Design

I have a request which works fine when i hit the service using POSTMAN and POSTER plugins but when i try to hit load-balancing url i received ERROR.

ERROR in POSTER ( plugin ):

ERROR in POSTMAN ( plugin ):

Part of code:

@Path( "/" )
public class Check {
public ResultSet rs;

org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: Bad Request Bad Request request: http://localhost:8080/solr/update?wt=javabin&version=2
by terrestris in Programming Languages

Please help me guys
I am trying to crawl the sites using NUTCH, But it gives me error "java.io.IOException: Job failed!"

I am running this command "bin/nutch solrindex http://<host name>:8080/solr/ crawl/crawldb -linkdb crawl/linkdb crawl/segments/*" and i am using NUTCH 1.5.1 and SOLR 3.6.1 and jdk java-7-openjdk-i386 and ubuntu 12.04.

RestKit Request after request or NSURL request
by Cadu in Mobile Programming

I am using the restkit FrameWork to design an application and i have a question.

I am retrieving a json response from the webservice.

"nodeRef": "workspace://SpacesStore/b1d5831-990d-47a8-a018-f1c1bf33f594",
"type": "document",
"name": "x.jpg",
"displayName": "x.jpg",


How to write my own request body parsing method to override the default one in Apache2::Request
by Ubermateo in Development Tools & Services

I am using mod_perl to handle file upload (multipart/form-data).
When files get uploaded, Apache2::Request automatically parse the request body and store the content into a tmp file.

My question is that is there any easy way I can write my own request body process method which can override the default one since I need to do additional processing on the file body such as encryptio

Rails: request.subdomains raises undef method for request when in application controller
by Mexico in Programming Languages

I am trying to extract the subdomain in the application controller, for app wide use, this way,

@subdomain = request.subdomains(0)

While this code works in any other controller, in the app controller it throws an

undefined local variable or method `request' for ApplicationController:Class


I am running

Adding custom variables into the request object in Django Middleware without using request.session
by Jan D in Web Design

Is there a recommended way to pass a variable to all my views? Namely in my case, I want to pass a UserProfile object that Foreign Keys a django.contrib.auth.models.User object. I find most if not all my views need to pull the UserProfile object and putting it in Middleware seems like the way to go. It seems like I could do something like the following (I've seen a couple of solutions online th

How do I encode/decode jpg image to upload ONLY using “urllib.request.Request”
by Andy22 in Programming Languages

I'm experiencing problems with image not being encoded properly in my custom multipart-form/data being posted.
After sending out the HTTP POST packet, I noticed the bytes representing the image is completely different. I did this comparison by capturing data packets for a working scenario (using the web browser) and using my python app.

There's no issues otherwise with how th

Request error “enable cookies” while posting app request to LinkedIn
by findcontrol in Programming Languages

I am running S60 SDK 5th with Eclipse pulsar on win 7.

I have oauth_token using with this Url https://www.linkedin.com/uas/oauth/authorize?oauth_token=. To get that grant access screen by LinkedIn.

I am loading above Url using htmlComponent, and adding HtmlComponent to form and show it.
Occasionally when I click on the "Ok I'll Allow It" button (i.e. after the butto

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