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How to reset ASP.NET Form? aspnetForm.reset() causes Event Validation invalid postback error
by lockdown571 in ASP & ASP.net

I need to reset an ASP.NET form. I am trying to use document.aspnetForm.reset() but then whenever I try to do anything after that I get an event validation error. How can I reset my form without upsetting ASP.NET's Event Validation? I CANNOT turn off event validation. Thanks!

How to Reset an Acer Aspire AST180 EA350M Computer to Factory Reset
by Ben Kohn in Computers
Acer computers are popular choices for both home and business use, but it is important for computer owners to have some basic troubleshooting skills. While most problems with Acer computers like the Aspire AST1480 can be resolved fairly easily, there are times when the best solution is to reset the computer to its factory default condition.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Remove all external dev

How to Reset the Immobilizer on a Jeep Grand Cherokee and Reset Anti-Theft
by Dan Becker in Cars
Some models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee are equipped with an immobilizer anti-theft system that disables the engine. The system is activated when something other than an authorized key is used to try to start the engine. Most models are also equipped with an alarm system as part of the security system. If something triggers the immobilizer or the alarm system, you need to reset and rearm the system

How do I tell whether a Windows kernel Event object is auto-reset or manual-reset?
by Bjørn Håkon in Development Tools & Services

Windows allows the creation of (named) Event objects.

An Event (the synchronization primitive in Windows) can be of type auto-reset (in which case you could say it's kind of a semaphore) or it can be of type manual-reset in which case it remains set until someone resets it.

Now, from the docs for CreateEvent, OpenEvent, SetEvent, etc. it does seem that there is no way to

How do I reset a twitter bootstrap reset to the browser's original
by Ertaz in Web Design

Basically, I want to reset (undo) a Twitter Bootstrap 2.2 reset for img that originates from the reset.less file.

Twitter Bootstrap is essentially setting this css:

img {
width: auto9;
height: auto;

What CSS can I add after this to undo this? I'm actually using the bootstrap-sass gem, so that's what I need to deal with.

How to reset fckeditor with reset button in php or java script?
by visual-c++ in Java

See the below Image.

I have added a reset button at the end of form.

When user press "reset" I can clear all inputs.

But I don't know, how to clear this fckeditor values.

Thanks in advance for helping me.


How to Reset a Sony Walkman After the Reset Button Breaks
by surfsatwerk in Electronics
Resetting your Sony Walkman can resolve minor malfunctions and errors in the device's operating software. Sony includes a dedicated "Reset" button on the back of the Walkman that you can use to easily reset the player if you run into problems. It's possible that this button may break; if that happens, you can still reset your Walkman. Sony has programmed a factory reset option into the settings th

How to perform a soft reset and hard reset on Nokia E71
by HtW in Electronics
The Nokia E71 is one of the smartphones around designed for business people on the go. Various applications can be run and lots of data can be stored using the phone's internal memory or the memory card attached to it. Due to the amount of data it handles, a slow down in your phone may arise or a conflict in applications may occur, or worse, a total malfunction in your Nokia E71 may happen. A h

PHP Password reset token. Parsing the reset url?
by Bong Munoz in Programming Languages

Evening gentlemen, I have a question regarding my password reset link. So far I have managed to generate a random token using sha256, append it to the URL - domain.com/reset/randomtoken - and email the link to the respective user. My question is, which function would I use to have this go to reset.php instead of it thinking there's a directory called domain.com/reset/randomtoken. Thanks in adva

How to Reset a 50 Amp Manual-Reset Circuit Breaker
by picamiolo in Sports & Fitness
An electrical breaker stops the flow of electricity in case of an emergency or power short. When the breaker detects that an overload of current is trying to pass through a circuit, it will trip and effectively break the power flow. If no breaker is present, the power overload could damage any equipment being used on that circuit. In large boats, 50 amp breakers are commonly found between the batt


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