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C# Chess Game - Resizing the board automatically upon resizing its WinForm
by Bruce in Programming Languages

Well the title pretty much says it all...I'm building a C# WinForms chess game and am trying to implement the ability to resize the board.

I currently have a form with FormBorderStyle set to Sizable and this TableLayoutPanel on it, as well as this Layout event handler.

private void Form1_Layout(object sender, LayoutE

AS3: Resizing a sprite without resizing its BitmapFill (or its contents for that matter)?
by Blue in Programming Languages

Edit #2 I've found the solution, it was more simple than I could have hoped. Thanks for your time. =) (Answered my own question with full solution)

Edit: My apologies that my post was not transparent enough.. I will try to iterate for a little more clarity. I am not simply trying to contain things and have the container resize without the contents resizing. I would just use a simple

Disable automatic resizing, without disabling manual resizing
by cjdavis in Programming Languages

Coding a GUI in a Java project I've encountered a problem with JavaFX.
I've not found any soulutions for my specific problem, so here I am:)

Is it possible to let a JavaFX scene be resizeable by the user and at the same time have it not resized by child nodes, that are bigger, than the window?

Here is some sample code:

public void start

Resizing Unity WebPlayer element when resizing browser
by Pete in Web Design

I'm trying to get a Unity WebPlayer control to resize when the browser is resized. Here's the code I think is pertinent:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd">
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
<script type="text/javascript">

Resizing issue with ListItem in WPF ListBox during resizing
by Omer72 in Programming Languages

I am trying to render an activity feed kind of an UI using a listBox in WPF. The listBox is perfectly rendering and resizes itself as the window is being resized. However, the inner items were not wrapping its contents as they should be. So, I set the width of the inner Grid to be the ActualWidth of the listBox. Here's my XAML and some screenshots to explain what I am trying to acheive.

How to bind stage resizing with resizing of components?
by Furchin in Web Design

I have javaFX 2.0 application with FXML.
I want components (text fields, comboBoxes, layouts, and so on) to be resized when a window with an application is resized.

As it is written on Oracle documentation for javaFX, to make something like this with shapes, there are a few special properties to shapes:

When building GUI applications with JavaFX, you will notic

resizing of grid when resizing browser window
by buschman31 in Web Design

I used a fill whole window example as a default.
Tried to resize browser window: but area, that is used for grid is the same. Need to reload page so that it fits.
How can I archive this without reloading page ?


Interesting fact that when I change order of columns grid is resized.

Resizing google map according to browser resizing
by kiirpi in Web Design

i am working on google map api v3. map is perfectly showing on my page... problem is that when i resize the browser, map fit to its original size when i load the page...

initial state when i load the page

when i resize the browser, map is still sized at initial state size.


<meta http-e

Resizing Delphi form after resizing its font in form editor
by Salikh in Programming Languages

I develop a legacy Delphi 6 application, and I would like to increase the font size of one of the forms. All other forms have Microsoft Sans Serif 8pt, but this one is set to Microsoft Sans Serif 7pt. All controls have ParentFont = True, so I could simply set the font size of the form to 8pt. The problem is that the form and its controls won't

Div not resizing
by drnickriviera in Programming Languages

Any idea why my web page content doesn't resize with the window?

I'm not using fixed position - just a table with width="100%".
I've put it in a placeholder

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