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How Does Return on Equity Relate to Return on Sales and Return on Assets?
by highland145 in Personal Finance
If you owned a share in a corporation, how could you tell if corporate managers were using your investment dollars wisely? This question led the financial community to develop a number of metrics that you can use to determine a company's financial performance; these metrics are known as financial ratios. There are financial ratios that measure a company's ability to repay debt and earn a profit, a

If you aren't supposed to return collections to callers, how should you return a collection of data to a caller?
by Damien in Programming Languages

I am writing a method that's intended to return a dictionary filled with configuration keys and values. The method that's building up this dictionary is doing so dynamically, so I need to return this set of keys and values as a collection (probably IDictionary<string, string>). In my various readings (sources escape me at the moment), the general consensus on returning collec

In Java, how should I declare the return type if a recursive method can return mixed values?
by bicho44 in Java

I have the following method definition which is intended to search a JSON object for a given key and return either the JSONObject or the String value of that key. To ensure it searches through every level of the JSON object I have made it recursive, but only in the event that a deeper JSONObject can be returned. The compiler complains that this must return an Object because I have declared that

I'm in need of a sanity check on a sql query that will return a value if it exists in the table or return a default value if it doesn't
by Dariosky in Databases

What I'm trying to do is return a mailbox location for a select few users and a catch all mailbox location for everyone else. In postfix you can pass it a query in the of the form

SELECT mailbox FROM virtual_mailboxes WHERE email = '%s'

and it will replace %s with the email user it's looking for. I have a table that contains a set of users that need their own

function to return regular expression matches in mysql like preg_match return array in php
by luv2liv in PHP

I've table with data like

ticketid | comments
1234 | >
> Ticket ID:TT19027
> Ticket Title:report debug
4567 |>
> Ticket ID:TT19028
> Ticket Title:report debug

I'm looking for a function or query that will return

ticketid | ticket_no_part_of_comments

Payment callback returns error: The application return value was invalid after json_decoding the return value
by Dré in Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to set up a purchase with credits on my facebook app.

The FB.ui() function works fine, the Payments Callback URL and the Company info is already set. My php script for the payments callback is just as the facebook developers example.

But the pay dialog does not display the confirmation dialog and the FB.ui() callback returns the error 1383046 and the error_mes

Linq dbml show int return type for an SP which SP return some fields from temporary table
by AJ. in Programming Languages

I have written a Stored procedure which return some fields from a temporary table which i create in this stored procedure. but when I include it in my dbml file it show return type of my stored procedure as int. which should be not as am returning field from table although its temporary.

Forcing an error when a function doesn't explicitly return a value on the deafult return path?
by Shailja in Programming Languages

Is there a way, in VC++ (VSTS 2008), to froce a compiler error for functions that do not explicitly return a value on the default return path (Or any other quick way to locate them)?

On the same issue, is there any gaurentee as to what such functions actually return?

onActivityResult return null getExtra value after return back from gallary with image
by jch in Programming Languages

I was use this code on button onClick for pick image from gallary
I want to pass string from intent using putExtra and from the same activity, i try to get this value from onActiviryResult using getExtra but i am getting null vlaue. Is this any way to getting string value which i passed using intent, and this intent open gallery to pick image then return back to same activiy i want to get th

Does -localizedDescription of NSError return the actual localized string, or does it return a key for NSLocalizedString?
by Steve O. in Mobile Programming

Must I do something like this?

NSString *errorDescription = [error localizedDescription];
NSString *errorInfoStr = NSLocalizedString(errorDescription, nil);

Or do I use NSLocalizedString already when populating the userInfo dictionary with the NSLocalizedDescriptionKey key and value? So the value for that is not actually a key for NSLocalizedString, but

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