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Help with writing a void reverse() method and use recursion to reverse a complete sentence(Java)
by Gus in Careers & Job Searching

I already wrote something that removes the first character of a string and puts it after the remaining substring and then prints it out, the instructions were to reverse the sentence using recursion by removing the first letter of the sentence and concatenate it to the reversed remaining substring, ie. "Hello" yields "olleH". But i dont know about the recursion part, any help would be appreciat

The Advantages of Non-Reverse vs. Reverse Leadpipes in a Trumpet
by Thaweesak Suksuwan in Arts & Entertainment
The trumpet leadpipe is a piece a piping connecting the mouthpiece to the rest of the trumpet. There are variations in types of leadpipes, including the reverse leadpipe. There can be some advantages to using either a reverse leadpipe or a standard, non-reverse leadpipe. However, the type of leadpipe that works best is often dependent on the individual preferences of a particular trumpet player.

How can you reverse an Array without using the reverse method in AS3?
by Waynew in Programming Languages

How can you reverse an array without using the reverse() method?

public class Main extends Sprite
private var _reversedList:Array = new Array();
public function Main()
var yourShoppingList:Array = ["Milk","Bread","Eggs","Cereal","Cheese","Ham"];

PHP reverse SQL array or reverse in SQL query
by James Clarke in Programming Languages

I am fetching some comments from the database in DESC from 0,15 - 15,15 - 30,15 and so on and i want to show them in reverse so i use array_reverse() function.

Whats fastest? Using array_reverse or change the SQL query to reverse it

Error “Reverse auth credentials are invalid” on Twitter Reverse Auth
by luv2liv in Operating Systems

I am trying to implement Reverse Auth in an iOS PhoneGap / Cordova application.

I have Step 1 working correctly - my server performs a Token Request and returns the OAuth-Header-Like response to the mobile application.

But Step 2 isn't working. The response from Step 1 is sent to "/oauth/access_token" but I receive the response:
Reverse auth credentials are invalid

Monotouch Twitter Reverse Auth - Reverse Auth Credentials Are Invalid
by manivel in Web Design

I've trying to implement Twitter Reverse Auth using MonoTouch. I've followed the Twitter Rever Auth article here https://dev.twitter.com/docs/ios/using-reverse-auth and Step.1 is working fine. I'm getting "Reverse Auth Credentials Are Invalid" for Step.2. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

var client = new RestClient ("http://api.twitter.com");

Django reverse routing - solution to case where reverse routing is less specific than forward routing
by MadViking in Web Design

I have a route defined as follows:

(r'^edit/(d+)/$', 'app.path.edit')

I want to use the reverse function as follows:

url = reverse('app.path.edit', args=('-id-',))

The generated url gets passed to a js function, and client side code will eventually replace '-id-' with the correct numeric id. This of course won't work, becau

Prolog: reverse([], A) vs reverse(A, [])
by dantino in Programming Languages

I can't make any sense out of this: If I give prolog reverse([], A). it works fine, if I give it reverse(A, []). and answer ; on first suggestion it hangs!

Why? (Same result for both gnuprolog and sicstus prolog!)

aioobe@r60:~$ prolog
GNU Prolog 1.3.0
By Daniel Diaz
Copyright (C) 1999-2007 Daniel Diaz
| ?- rev

how to use Reverse(Array, Int32, Int32) or List<T>::Reverse Method (Int32, Int32) over IList?
by qba73 in Programming Languages

My program intensively uses Reverse, e.g. Array.Reverse(myArray,3,5)

I would like my program could accept both array and List as input, so I go for IList

However, I couldn't find an IList method which is the same as Reverse.

There is one extension method named Re

What Is the Difference Between a Reverse Shield Polarity 1 and a Reverse Shield Polarity 2 in "STO"?
by Rob B in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Star Trek Online" is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG, based on Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek universe. Players engage in space combat by controlling starships in a 3-D environment using abilities borrowed from the Star Trek series and the motion pictures, along with other skills created by the STO developers. Damage mitigation through abilities such as R

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