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How long does Intuit's Security Review take from start to finish to review QuickBooks Online (QBO) app?
by Bas in Development Tools & Services

I am trying to budget my time wisely but have not had a lot of details on the Security Review that Intuit performs on applications before publication. I found an article on their blog that talks about pre-paring for it.

The "Security Review": What to Expect

and then there is their Complete the Security Review section on their website. However I have not been able to fi

How to review code that was submitted to me in RTC with “submit for review” feature?
by The Merg in Web Design

I'm using RTC,
my friends submitted their change sets for review, and i'm the reviewer. I can't find their change sets anywhere.

Thanx, you guys rule.

Magento Admin Add/Edit Review -> removing Summary of Review Field required validation
by Timur Asaliev in Programming Languages

How can i remove mandatory required for the Summary of Review Field in the Admin panel?

Code review / Commit review. Looking for process and tool feedback
by Bjørn Lyngwa in Programming Languages

Let me start by describing what our current 'process' is and then ask you how we should improve on it and what, if any, tools you would suggest.

What we are doing currently

Every time someone makes a commit to our svn (or pushes git changes into 'trunk') it ends up in an email in one persons inbox. That person is responsible for glancing over the diff and, if need be, suggest c

Apple review: section 11.14 of review guidelines to play content
by Alec in Development Tools & Services

I have developed an app containing medical documents. This app is going to be distributed through the app store for free.

The app can not be used by everyone, but it can be used only by doctors. For this reason I have put a form in the home screen of the app asking for a password. This password will be distributed for free by e-mail to all doctors, together with a link to Apple Sto

How to see chinese review comments correctly in review board?
by Matthieu Bozec in Programming Languages

When reviewing a review request from my colleague,I always add some comments via Review board web site.
My colleague gets one email in one minute.
If I add some Chinese comments,he can see the correct words in email,but see the garbled comments in the review board site.
I modified the mysql setttings,it's utf-8.
The CentOS server's local is also utf-8.
The review board is runni

Annual Performance Review Vs. Merit Review
by Itchrelief in Business
The annual performance review and the merit review are terms that are often thrown around during the annual or biannual process of evaluating employees. Even though annual and merit reviews are different, they are often confused with one another or have intermingled meanings. While one review type focuses on the review of the employee's performance, the other takes a more objective perspective.

How to Review an Article for a Doctoral Review
by kaktos in Education
Doctoral reviews are typically part of a dissertation process in a doctorate or PhD program at a college or university. You will need to find qualified resources to help you prepare your dissertation and support or not support your stated dissertation hypothesis. While a vast amount of information exists on the Internet, very little of it will actually be acceptable for the dissertation process. C

How to Review a Novel
by Ohio in Arts & Entertainment
We all read things and have opinions about them, good or bad. Some people express their opinions for a living as reviewers. They read, synthesize the material and then rate it based upon a certain set of guidelines. While every reviewer does reviews differently, there is a general way to approach writing a review of a novel.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
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How Often Should You Review W-4s?
by Madmick in Personal Finance
The fact that in 2010, the Internal Revenue Service sent 119,443,586 tax refunds to individual tax filers is proof positive many people need to review their W-4 Form. The Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate, as it's formally known, tells your employer how much tax to withhold from your pay. You get a refund when your employer withholds too much money. It behooves you to regularly review t

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