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Combined Azure web role and worker role project not seeing app.config when deployed
by pulkizine in Web Design

I'm implementing the combined web/worker role scenario as described here where you simply add the following to your worker role:

public override void Run()
// This is a sample worker implementation. Replace with your logic.
Trace.WriteLine("WorkerRole1 entry point called", "Information");
while (true)

How to assign a role programatically in Drupal 6? 'role' => 'rolename didn´t worked
by Funkwarrior in Programming Languages

I have this function to create a new user using the information that is inside a node form, in my Drupal 6 site:

function altas_create_user($name,$pass,$mail) {
$newuser = array(
'name' => $name,
'mail' => $mail,
'pass' => $pass,
'access' => 1,
'notify' => 1,
'status' => 1,
return user

role field not stroed in database after identitymanager role creation
by dlock13 in Programming Languages

I'm using seam 2.1.2 security and i create a role using identitymanager by jsf richfaces GUI. in creation process i would add a "description" to role created in database , the creation of role is ok but the description field is not added, i must update the role ( in other operation by GUI) to see the decsription field stored in databse. the question is what have i to do to store the "descripti

Make openam/opensso return role name instead of role universal id
by bauer100 in Development Tools & Services

I'm using OpenAM 9.5.2 for authenticating users on an application. The authentication works well but I'm having issues to get user memberships from final application.

I've defined the group "somegroup" in openam and added my user to this group. Now in my application, I want to test if authenticated users is member of this group. If I'm testing it with:


MODx - Editor role can't see files uploaded by Admin role
by WiseUp216 in Web Design

My MODx site allows users to upload files (pdf) through the back end.

However this is only working for users in the Admin role and not in my editor role who receive a "disallowed file type" message.

I can't see anywhere to set permissions, does anyone know where I should be looking?

Grant server and database role permissions to an application role?
by ews in Databases

I have following situation: my user connects to SQL Server as a user with no privileges and then he authorises to application role. Is it possible to configure application role to allow him adding MSSQL login and database user when he is already authenticated?

Can I be sure that once Azure role Stopping has been raised the role is never rerun in the same process?
by vylycyn in Programming Languages

Azure role have RoleEnvironment.Stopping event that is raised when the role is being stopped. I discovered some issue in some unrelated code that needs special treatment in cases when the role is being stopped. Something like:

public class SomeFarAwayClass {
void someFarAwayFunction()
if( roleIsBeingStopped ) {

Admin role global filter with Role and AllowAnonymous overrides?
by KCro in Programming Languages

I've set up a global filter to require login for all methods based on Rick Anderson's article. Now I want to go one step further and require all actions are authorized to "Admin" role only, unless overridden by the AllowAnonymous attribute in the article or by [Authorize(Roles="Staff")] which would then allow "Staff" AND "Admin" to access.

I've tried adding to the Roles in the Logon

Azure worker role becomes unresponsive after internal tcp connection with web role
by imported_bman in Programming Languages

I'm posting the question that first appears here because it seems that it is dead on the Microsoft forums. Plus, Stack Overflow is better. :-P

I'm hosting a TCP endpoint in a worker role on Azure --

var _breadcrumbServiceHost = new ServiceHost(typeof(BreadcrumbService));
var binding = new NetTcpBinding(SecurityMode.None);
var externalEndPoint = RoleEnvironme

Entities in participate in the 0 related 'Role' were found. 1 'Role' is expected
by Mason McCuskey in Programming Languages

I have 3 tables

RoleId (PK)



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