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What Does Rooting Do to the HTC EVO?
by Barry in Electronics
Rooting the HTC EVO 4G gives you full administrative access on your phone, allowing you to manipulate settings, applications and further customize your device in ways that are not possible without root privileges. The rooting process can benefit you as the user, but also voids any warranty you have on the device and has the potential to cause permanent harm to your device. BackgroundThe purpose
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The Effects of Rooting an Evo 4G
by Madmick in Electronics
The HTC EVO 4G was one of the first Android smartphones to offer the extremely fast mobile speed of 4G. Like other Android devices, however, the EVO 4G has the ability to be rooted and customized according to each user's preferences. Basically, rooting gives the consumer the power to do what he wishes with the device. Added permisionsRooting an Android phone is all about permissions. Like other
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How to Use Rooting Liquid
by zuz in Home & Garden
Rooting liquid stimulates the growth of small feeder roots. It contains hormones, vitamins and other plant nutrients, and is a staple horticulture supply. Home gardeners use various brands of rooting liquid to dip cuttings and to prevent transplant shock. Rooting liquid is usually sold as a concentrate that needs to be diluted, although some brands come ready for use.Difficulty:Moderately EasyIn
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The Purpose of Rooting EVO
by enginecrew in Electronics
Rooting the HTC EVO 4G gives you administrative privileges on the device, allowing you to make changes to the operating system, applications and interface, that would otherwise be off limits. Rooting your smartphone is not illegal, but doing so will void any warranties from its manufacturer or service provider, and can cause permanent damage if done incorrectly. RootingThe rooting process requi
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What Is Rooting Your Nook?
by Luciano Campos in Computers
The Nook Color is an electronic reader for reading e-books, playing games and listening to music. The Nook Color runs a slimmed-down version of the Android operating system. This gives you access to the Android Market to download games, listen to Pandora Radio and surf the Internet. Root access lets you expand the Nook Color into a full tablet computer with access to all Android applications. N

Rooting a Nook to Droid
by Icecold in Computers
A rooted Android operating system enables you to have full control over operating system functions, install non-marketplace applications and perform other system tweaks. The Nook Color uses the Android operating system, but by default does not allow a great deal of access to the system functions. Nook Android ROMs, however, can root your device and provide an update path to the latest Android oper
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Misting for Rooting Plants
by Sweden in Home & Garden
Misting the cuttings you want to root from existing plants is advisable if you want the cuttings to root quickly and well. According to the University of California Davis, misting cuttings taken early in the season have an excellent chance of taking root and flourishing, faster than cuttings that don't receive misting. Greenhouses and nurseries have elaborate misting systems to accomplish this tas

Hazards of Rooting an Android
by walkur in Android
Aside from voiding its warranty, there are many hazards that you will expose your phone to by rooting it. The process of rooting your phone involves elevating your access level from "guest" to "superuser." The phone is designed to have a guest operator, and many complications can arise if you attempt to use it as a superuser. Bricking your Phone"Bricking" your Andr

How Rooting Works on the Android
by tobybot in Android
Although many users of Android devices are happy with the default configuration, if you root your device you have much more control over the way the software and hardware work. You can optimize the device to suit your own particular requirements and maximize performance, or access hidden features of the hardware that are normally unavailable. Rooting an Android device is not a difficult process al

Rooting the Nook Color
by Pseudoics in Computers
Barnes and Noble developed the Nook Color using the Android operating system, but you cannot use all of the Android features such as the Android Market or many applications available for other Android platforms. You can get around the operating system restrictions by rooting your Nook. The root process gives you root user or “superuser” access to the operating system. You can access th
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