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How to Fix Your Rough Lawn
by zdyne in Home & Garden
Rough lawns are generally a sign of underlying problems, such as insects infestation, too much shade, disease or improper cultivating practices. Once a lawn has developed a rough, patchy texture, it can be difficult to mow, and it can suffer from weed growth. To fix rough lawns, gardeners must re-establish grass. It's important for gardeners to establish a grass that performs well for their climat
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How Do I Get a Five Year Old to Not Be So Rough?
by algoRhythm99 in Parenting
An important part of a child's development, aggressive play helps a child understand the limits of his strength, allows him to explore the changing of position in space and teaches him what constitutes appropriate behavior to other kids, according to the Raising Children Network. When aggressive play switches to actual fighting, parents can face a difficult task controlling their child's behavior.
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How to Tell If You Have a Rough Diamond
by Morbo in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
The metaphor, "A diamond in the rough," refers to something that could be made valuable or special with a little polishing. An actual diamond in the rough typically looks like a small, non-descript stone that most lay people would hardly notice and would not recognize as a precious gem. If you have a stone that you believe could be a diamond, there are certain characteristics to look for and also

Why Is My Car Idling Rough?
by Dave Lievense in Cars
In today's society it's important to find ways to save money. Maintaining the performance of your vehicle can help you avoid a costly breakdown or even having to replace the car. You must periodically do checks on your car while paying attention to abrupt changes in performance. A rough car idle can be a symptom of various issues and can lead to more-serious problems if left unchecked. Definiti
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How to Cut a Rough Ruby
by Kevin in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Rubies are beautiful, sparkling red gemstones that are part of the sapphire family. A well cut ruby is hard to find because natural rubies are rare. Additionally, jewelers will tend towards cutting the stone to maintain its size, which is not always a good cut to bring out the maximum shine and sparkle in the stone. A good cut can increase the value of the stone and bring out shine and sparkle tha
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How to Dry Rough Cut Wood
by Progdis in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Drying rough-cut wood takes time to do properly, but the benefits are great. Drying your own wood can help reduce the cost of a project. Rough-cut wood can be purchased at your local lumber yard for a fraction of the price of finished lumber from a building supply house. When using rough-cut wood you will need to purchase your lumber several months before you plan to begin work on the project.Diff
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What Is a Toilet Rough-In?
by Excessi0n in Home & Garden
Builders across all trades use the term "rough-in" to refer to projects that occur near the beginning of construction; tasks that form the "guts" of a structure and prepare the building's exposed features for final installation. During the rough-in phase of plumbing, plumbers ready the systems and fixtures essential for the placement of toilets, including pipe in the walls and under the home, util
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What Are Rough Peas?
by EvilNodZ in Food & Drink
Rough peas are commonly referred to as caleypeas or singletary peas, according to Oklahoma State University. The scientific name for the rough pea plant is Lathyrus hirsutus and belongs to the Fabaceae family. Rough peas are commonly used as a cover crop by farmers. GeographyRough peas are plants native to the Mediterranean region, but with adaptation have become a winter annual in the southern
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Uses of Rough Cut Gem Stones
by Lex Viatkine in Home & Garden
Agate, jaspers, fluorite, quartz and even diamonds, are all types of gemstones that can be purchased as rough-cut stones. Rough-cut stones are not polished to a high luster or cut and shaped into flat-bottomed, round-topped cabochons or highly faceted gemstones. Whether precious diamonds or semiprecious agates, it's cheaper to buy a rough-cut stone than a cut stone since intensive work to cut, siz
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How to Rough-in Toilets
by rcpratt in Home & Garden
The distance from the rearmost bowl hold-down bolts to the finished wall behind the toilet is called the toilet's rough-in. It refers to both the area where the waste outlet hole was placed to sit beneath the toilet as well as the toilet rough-in measurement. This measurement determines which toilets will or will not work in the space. Toilets are commonly designed with a 12-inch rough-in. Purchas
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