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Bash scripting rsync: rsync: link_stat (blah) failed: No such file or directory (2)
by Hai Nguyen in Network & Servers

I am trying to write a simple bash script for my local (Mac OS X) machine to move files from a directory on my machine to a remote machine. This line is failing:

rsync --verbose --progress --stats --compress --rsh=ssh
--recursive --times --perms --links --delete
--exclude "*bak" --exclude "*~"
/repository/* $DEV_SERVER:$REMOTE_DIR

Rsync error. Could not start Rsync service on Local Computer
by China in Operating Systems

I am facing a problem:
Could not start Rsync service on Local Computer.
Error 1069: The service did not start due to a logon failure.

Can some body please help me on this?

Thanks in advance.

Looking for cross-platform rsync-like functionality in python, such as rsync.py
by Luxembourg in Development Tools & Services

I am implementing backup scripts in python. I'm trying to keep things cross platform. I hear there is a python based rsync impelmentation:

But I can't seem to find it anywhere. All of the download links I find are dead. Does anyone know where I could find the rsync.py program?

At the moment I am using unison for Windows but I

Rsync cronjob that will only run if rsync isn't already running
by znotdead in Web Design

I have checked for a solution here but cannot seem to find one. I am dealing with a very slow wan connection about 300kb/sec. For my downloads I am using a remote box, and then I am downloading them to my house. I am trying to run a cronjob that will rsync two directories on my remote and local server every hour. I got everything working but if there is a lot of data to transfer the rsyncs o

Rsync over SHH - timeout in ssh or rsync?
by MJRider in Web Design

I'm dealing with a crappy ISP that resets my WAN connection at random points while my script is running. I want the transfer to survive this reset and go on. I manually launch this script vs using cron / launchd currently.

I have a fairly basic script as shown below:

rsync -rltv --progress --partial -e "ssh -i <key> -o ConnectTimeout=300" <remotedir> <l

Rsync help :
by nipplefish in Operating Systems

Alright SoF, this is a little hard to explain, but i'll try my best.

I have 2 identical drives. Let's call "S:" for source and "D:" for destination

S: is the drive i keep all my files in (images, music, videos, documents, etc), and D: is a backup HD i (manually) back up every Sunday night.

What i'd like to do is, backup S: into D:, with a few rules.

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Deploy with GIT and RSYNC
by crazy2383 in Programming Languages

I have a question about GIT and RSYNC because I use these two commands for make a deploy but I want upload my files to a FTP server (production) of the files that I have in my master branch only!! (This is my problem).


I create a new branch and I make changes in different files of this branch.
In this moment other people of my team did changes and he did a pus
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alternatives to rsync?
by asid in Web Design

I'm trying to script a backup system for several servers, some Windows, some Linux. I'd love to be able to use rsync but I can't (at least not in all situations, since some servers I can't install rsync to, and some are Win servers).

I've tested with wget in FTP mode with the "timestamping" option, and it seems to work pretty well regardless of platform. Are there other options that

Any analog of rsync for Ant?
by JSebok in Programming Languages

I need some analog of rsync for ant. The issue is to copy files from source directory to the set of subdirectories that was previously accomplished with script

rsync -r --ignore-existing $BASE_DIR/common/config/* $BASE_DIR/config

Thanks for any help

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How fast is rsync?
by ugufugu in Network & Servers

Anyone ever transferred large files with it?

What is the main advantage over ftp and other methods?

Speed? or slicing

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