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hubris fails to install with: Missing C libraries: ruby, ruby, ruby
by Frank Bradley in Programming Languages

I am desperately trying to install Hubris but the installation fails whenever I run "cabal install".

Link to Hurbis:

Link to the Cabal file:

The cabal command that fails is:

cabal install --extra-include-dirs=/usr/inc

How can I programatically call the ruby debugger from within a ruby program in Ruby 1.9?
by Guilherme Costa in Development Tools & Services

I am writing a web based debugger for Ruby, but in order to do this I need to be able to call the Ruby debugger from within a Ruby program on the server side. Has this ever been done? Is this even possible?

The end product being built will allow Ruby code to be edited, executed and stepped through using just a web browser. The ruby code that is to be debugged will be "eval"ed on the

Ruby: Generate/modify Ruby source files from within Ruby
by ChristianM in Programming Languages

What is the most reliable way to generate and/or parse and modify a Ruby source file from within ruby?

That is, I want to e.g. create a new ruby source file or change a few lines of code in a class in a source file to e.g. add or remove methods or calls or whatever.

Is there a library for this perhaps?

Error installing ruby-debug/ruby-debug-base with Ruby Enterprise v1.8.7
by tontod in Operating Systems

I got problems when trying to install gem ruby-debug-ide. Then, I try to install gem ruby-debug-base first. However, I got an error:

Error installing ruby-debug-base:
rb-threadframe requires Ruby version ~> 1.9.2frame.

The same error occured when installing ruby-debug.

I'm using Ubuntu v10.4, Ruby Enterprise v1.8.7, Rubygems v1.8.15.

Ruby on Rails: Replacing the “LIKE” part of the SQL query with Ruby code
by gitano in Databases

In my application I have a "LIKE" SQL query that is something like...

Item.where("name LIKE ?", "%"+params[:q]+"%").all

But I want to hit the db only 1x (at application start-up), since the number of Items is huge, and load this generic part...


...into memory (a global variable), so I can later reuse its content th

Ruby on Rails — new install on windows 7 but cant run ruby commands, problem with path?
by evident in Programming Languages

I just installed ruby on rails on my new computer ( I was using instantrails before) and I'm trying to get everything setup.

Im running Windows 7. So I followed the instructions from this tutorial.


The problem i'm guessing is step 3

"Add the newly installed bin directory

How do I embed ruby.rb file via form in a way that ruby.rb would be executed and results visible in view
by kodeninja in Programming Languages

let's say I want to embed this code via form in a separate ruby.rb file:

print "Hello, Please enter a value:"
var = gets.to_i
if var == 10
puts "Correct"
puts "Your answer is incorrect"

After the submit button in view user will see either results are correct or incorrect.
In a best way file ruby.rb w

How do I run ruby commands in my bash script without getting “ruby: command not found”
by Phil Austin in Programming Languages

my script=

echo ************************BEGIN LOG******************************>>/root/backup_scripts/new_scripts/vmbackup.log 2>&1
date +"%m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S $HOSTNAME">>/root/backup_scripts/new_scripts/vmbackup.log 2>&1
ruby /root/backup_scripts/new_scripts/aapxen01.rb>>/root/backup_scripts/new_scripts/vmbackup.log 2>&

Ruby on Rails, mysql column type :text, What class is this as a ruby object?
by algoRhythm99 in Databases


When a column in mysql table is typed :text, how is this then treated in Ruby.

In other words, what is the class?

Is it a string?

Computationally Intensive Ruby Calc for Rails App - Extract to Pure Ruby & Filesystem?
by Tim Tyrrell in Programming Languages

Good afternoon,

I am developing a Rails application where I can vastly speed up the site by doing a bunch of pre-calculations and storing the results to the database, rather than performing the calculation when requested by the user.

(Note that I am talking about millions of iterations from hundreds of thousands of database rows. My estimation is that to complete all

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