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Can a Windows service running under Local System create new files on the computer it is running on?
Category : Programming Languages

I have created a Windows Service that has a function that creates a new file.

It is running under "Local System account" with "Allow service to interact with desktop" set to true.

When running under this account can files be created locally?

I can't debug this to get the exact error as it is running in a Lab Manager environment that has no suitable debugger i

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objective C : app running fine on device on debug mode but crashing when i am running it independently
Category : Operating Systems

My app working fine on device but on debug mode but as soon as i am running my app with out mac or xcode debug mode it getting crash.
Please help me out i am not able to what is going on my device.

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How to view selenium tests running on a jenkins slave running on a windows 7 server?
Category : Operating Systems

We have a build environment set up with Jenkins running on a linux server. In order to run some integration tests on a windows specific project, we have a Windows 7 server vm set up as a hudson slave. This set up is all working correctly.

These integration tests consist of a set of selenium tests, in order to diagnose failures it would be useful to witness the tests running.

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Running a php script from cron not picking the $_SERVER['host'] wheras running from CLI works
Category : PHP

As stated, when I run a direct PHP script like so:

# /usr/bin/php path/to/script.php

I am able to use environment variables

But when I have this script running from cron:

* * * * * /usr/bin/php path/to/script.php

The script runs but all my environment variables are null.

How do I simulate the CLI via

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If I have some massive process running in response to a users click will it keep running if they close the page?
Category : Programming Languages

If they close the browser page out after a process has started via a button on the page, will the process keep running until completion or will it die? How will I allow it to die safely if so?

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Connecting Android App running on phone to PC localhost running web service on wifi network
Category : Android

I have the following setup on my wireless network:

With the webservice running, when I launch the app the HttpClient.execute swallows the execution until it eventually times out and the service is never called (there's a breakpoint set on the product controller). What am I missing here? Nothing's reported in the log.

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How does running a java application inside eclipse differ in running it directly?
Category : Java

I am developing a java application, which uses a dll using JNI.

The dll is still under development, so I guess it has some memory problems.

When I run my application, using the Run dialog of eclipse, the application is very unstable and crashes very likely. When I start the same application outside from eclipse, the application runs much more stable. There are still cras

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How to check through command line whether my internet connection is running, and to connect if not running
Category : Operating Systems

I have a mobile broadband dongle with a little issue. As soon as the downloaded data reaches 430 MB, the internet connection gets disconnected automatically. May be that's some kind of limit set by the network provider.
Can I have some batch file running in the background that would periodically check if the internet connection is running, and if it is not running then connect it.

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Python - Interpreting paths differently when running in shell vs. when running within another script?
Category : Programming Languages

I am experiencing an odd problem that I'm not quite sure how to tackle. I have a Python-selenium script that uses relative paths to log results to a text-file.

Here is the part of the script which sets up the log-file:

log_file = './demo-logfiles/log_file_template.txt'
sys.stdout = open('log_file_template.txt', 'a',)

As you can see, it uses a

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how to make running activity disable while progress bar running in java android
Category : Java

i have an activity or screen which contains mainly 3 views (ex.textview1,textview2,textview3) and a progress bar.

While progress bar running or loading if i click on either of textview1,textview2,textview3,
corresponding next activity or screen is opening.

But i want like while progress bar running relevant screen should disable(not tappable) or should not move to n

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