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What Is the Difference Between a Telecommunications Specialist & an IT Specialist?
by cusideabelincoln in Business
In the early days of communications technology, most people working in the field were referred to as telephone or telecommunications specialists. Providing basic telephone service and products to homes and businesses was the main focus. The birth of computers and the field of information technology spawned the need for professionals with specialized education, resulting in the career of IT special

How to Become a BPO & REO Specialist
by Mike in Business
In the real estate agent's world, the REO is a job, while the BPO is tool. REO stands for "real estate owned," and is a term for a house that was taken back in foreclosure by the bank or lending institution. The bank, or its asset management company, generally puts it up for sale to the general public. For a real estate agent to gain the listing for this property, she needs to compile a

What Is a VAT Specialist?
by deshao in Legal
In the United Kingdom, or UK, Value Added Tax, or VAT, is a sales tax applied to the sale of goods and services. VAT specialists are used by some businesses to prepare and file VAT returns. VAT AgentsOnly authorized VAT agents are able to register for VAT and file VAT returns on behalf of UK businesses. Registered agents are typically firms of accountants or specialist tax advisers, including l
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How to Become an IT Specialist
by ArmHead in Careers & Job Searching
Information Technology (IT) is a diverse, broad career field. In fact, the demand for IT specialists is expected to increase 30 percent between 2008 and 2018, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Whether you are interested in planning, installing or maintain information technology, there are steps you need to take to become an IT specialist.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions How t

How to get a job as a SEO specialist
by Naveen in Careers & Job Searching
A SEO specialist is a person who knows a little of just about everything there is to know about making a website effective. In making a website effective, a SEO specialist has several responsibilities. Those responsibilities include knowing the ins and outs of search engine optimization. Other key responsibilities include giving recommendations to clients on how to improve their website.
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How Much Should an IT Specialist Make?
by poofyhairguy in Business
Information technology, or IT, specialists are essential in today's business world. IT specialists work as computer network and database managers, or even as computer security specialists. Salaries for these professionals can often meet and exceed the six-figure mark. Salaries can depend upon various factors, such as the type of business in which the IT specialist works or even geographic location

How Much Does an NOC Specialist Make?
by kiirpi in Business
Network operations center specialists monitor computer networks and provide troubleshooting support for clients. They report and repair networking problems, too. Their salaries generally range from around $20 to $25 per hour. Computer Support SpecialistsAlthough NOC specialists work with networking issues more than hardware problems, the closest Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational category

How to Become a Coding Specialist
by chorn in Careers & Job Searching
The business of providing healthcare in the United States requires more than the healing work of doctors and nurses, especially given the different insurance programs people have and the electronic health records kept by providers and insurers. Hospitals and clinics need support staff, like medical coding specialists, to keep them running efficiently. Medical coding specialists review the data ent

What Does a Secondary ESL Specialist Do?
by boobytrapped in Personal Finance
As demand for fluency in English increases, there will be a need not only for more English As a Second Language teachers, but also for professionals to manage the teaching process. Secondary school ESL specialists are professional teachers who oversee the delivery of an English language curriculum to pupils for whom English is not their native tongue. Their duties range from management and adminis

What Is a Computer Specialist?
by glenn1 in Careers & Job Searching
In the computer industry, there are many jobs available. The jobs in the computer field are often geared toward certain specialties. Computer specialists are often found installing, maintaining and repairing computers. Computer Repair SpecialistThe computer specialist who specializes in repair often works at his own business, similar to that of a car mechanic. Many corporations and even small b

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