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Can I integrate samsung “All Share” with my android application on samsung phones
by Kubla Khan in Android

I want to integrate samsung "All Share" functionality with my android app in the same way we integrate Twitter and Facebook api to share photos and videos. Is it possible.

I've a photosharing application like instagram, on which user can upload images and videos. The instagram enables to share those pictures on facebook and twitter. I've similar functionality, but now I even want to

OpenGL Live Wallpaper Crashes only on Samsung Phones (most notably on Samsung Galaxy s3)
by ArdentRogue in Programming Languages

Well I have a question that is absolutely puzzling me. I have a live wallpaper https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.simpleworkerz.boise.sunsets#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDIxMiwiY29tLnNpbXBsZXdvcmtlcnouYm9pc2Uuc3Vuc2V0cyJd

The app contains both a live wallpaper and a slide show. The slide show version works just fine with the samsung (both live wallpaper and slide show us the sam

Bluetooth.connect() throws NullPointerException in Samsung S3 but it works fine in Samsung S. Please anyone know reason?
by Jammy in Programming Languages

I am tried to write the bluetooth insecure connection code using

Method m = bleutoothdevice.GetMethod("createInsecureRfComm",
new Class[]{int.class};
bluetoothSocket = m.InvokeMethod(,)

like that
but in bluetoothSocket.connect call, when running on S3 it gives Null pointer exception
but the same code working fine for S2

How to Install Samsung PC Studio to Connect With a Samsung G-S5233 Cellphone Through a Cable
by YBS1 in Electronics
The Samsung PC Studio application allows you to sync your Samsung GT-S5233 cellphone with your computer and transfer files, such as ringtones and pictures, onto the phone's internal storage. Install the software so you can connect your cellphone with a USB cable to your computer's hardware. The PC Studio software is provided for free by Samsung.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Open a Web

How to Connect a Samsung Bluetooth Headset to a Samsung Propel Phone
by coding-style in Electronics
The Samsung Propel is a slider-style mobile phone released in 2008. The Propel was designed with Bluetooth compatibility, meaning it can connect to Bluetooth headsets and operate the calling functions of the Propel hands free. In addition to mobile phones, Samsung manufactures a variety of Bluetooth headsets. To use the hands-free capability of a Bluetooth headset, you need to connect, or pair, th

How to Connect a Samsung LCDT to a Samsung Home Theater
by Thaweesak Suksuwan in Home & Garden
Samsung flat-screen LCD TVs offer a variety of connection ports for hooking up audio-video equipment. If you want to connect a Samsung home theater system to its sister TV, you need only an DMI cable, which transmits digital signals to the TV with one cable for the best picture quality available. The hexagon-shaped connector on each end of the cable connects in seconds so you can start enjoying ho

How to Reset the Samsung Bluetooth Passcode for a Samsung M300
by Leo in Electronics
The Samsung M300 offered by Sprint Nextel features Bluetooth capabilities, which means it can pair with any compatible Bluetooth headset. Most headsets require a passcode to prevent an unauthorized user from pairing your headset with another phone. Your M300 saves the Bluetooth passcode in its settings so you don't have to enter it every time you want to pair the headset with your phone. However,

How to Connect a Samsung LCD to a Samsung Home Theater
by Nothingness in Home & Garden
Samsung LCD television sets and home theater systems interconnect quickly with a high-definition media interface (HDMI) cable. The plug on each end of the HDMI cable contains 19 holes that transmit high-definition video from the Samsung home theater receiver to the TV as well as digital audio in one connection. Connecting the plug on each end takes only a few seconds.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInst

A Samsung D900 Compared to the Samsung E900
by Frank Bradley in Electronics
Released in different months in 2006, the Samsung cell phone D900 hit the market in June while the E900 arrived in March. Though manufactured by the same company, the two slider cell phones are equipped with different features, some so small you'd have to read this article to notice them. As of 2011, both models are discontinued. MeasurementsSamsung's D900 phone measures 4.1 inches long, 2 inch

What Is the Difference Between the Samsung A550 & the Samsung A650 LCD?
by Madmick in Electronics
The Samsung A550 and the Samsung A650 LCD can be considered as references to the Samsung LN40A550 and the Samsung LN40A650, respectively. South Korean consumer electronics manufacturer Samsung released both high-definition televisions --- each sporting a diagonal widescreen measurement of 40 inches, as well as liquid crystal display and thin film transistor technologies --- in 2008. The Samsung A5

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