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Saving related records without saving the referenced record first
by mck66productions in Web Design

I'm not sure how to explain this so I am going to try do it as clearly as I can.

We have a case logging web app. When one adds a case ticket, one can add contacts and attachments to that ticket.

I am trying to find a way for the visitor to fill in the case ticket information, add n contacts and then n attacheents before having to push save.

The attachments

General : always saving settings on close vs saving only when changed
by monkee in Programming Languages

I am kind of beta testing a small python app - whenever the app is closed the settings are saved, even when I made no changes. I was wondering if this is general practice - sounds like settings should be saved only when a change is made but are there reasons (apart from the reduced complexity) pro saving settings always on close ?

Saving form fields to sql database - only saving numbers?
by Gunbuster in Programming Languages

This should be so simple but it's driving me crazy. I'm trying to insert some values into a database from some form fields, but only decimals are being saved. I'm very confused.

For example, this will echo out correct values from the form fields, so I know those values are being passed along...

echo "Trying to insert $posttime, $name, $agency, $message";
// The

Saving Multiple Files to ZIP Without Saving Them & Reading Them Back In
by Ken in Programming Languages

I am creating multiple files from String's.

For example 4 strings; one in xml, and 3 csv format.

My question is do I have to first save these String's into a file before then reading it and then writing out to the ZipOutputStream? Just seems like a bit of a waste really.

Thanks in advance

file saving issue while saving data in database
by Hugo Hernan Buitrago Rios in Databases

I am using mysql and postgresql in my application which is build on ruby on rails. Now i want to save big text file like each file having 60 to 80 lacks record and its creating issue like its taking long time to save and fetch all that data so now i want to reduce this time i am using daemon kit server so any body can give me idea like what can i do to increase speed of my application.

Saving pictures in the a MySQL DB vs saving it as file
by Gunbuster in Databases

I know this question was asked in various ways here, but none of the answer is conclusive.

I have a system which among other things updates a website gallery.
I can both "upload" the file to the website (and save a copy at the system - needed) or just save it in the DB and save the space (and another upload). If I go with the files I would need to "notify" the webpage of every

Money Saving Ideas on Saving the Planet
by zac in Personal Finance
Little things help save you money, and little things can help save the planet. Learning how to go green means learning how to be constantly conscientious of the planet. When you participate in small environmentally conscious activities--such as carpools or mowing your lawn less frequently--you can help the planet while saving money. Vehicle IdlingIn California, it's illegal for trucks to idle.w

Saving data to a file vs. saving it to MySQL DB
by Jorgemr in Programming Languages

Using a PHP script I need to update a number every 5 seconds while somebody is on my page. So let's say I have 300 visitors, each one spending about 1 minute on the page and every 5 seconds they stay on the page the number will be changed...which is a total of 3600 changes per minute. I would prefer to update the number in my MySQL database, except I'm not sure if it's not too inefficient to ha

ios saving in plist vs saving with nsdata
by wraith in Operating Systems

I'm trying to figure out the best way to save my data.

Does it matter when you save data to the plist like so

NSString *error;
NSString *rootPath = [NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES) objectAtIndex:0];
NSString *plistPath = [rootPath stringByAppendingPathComponent:@"yourFile.plist"];
NSData *plistData = [NSPr

db.SaveChanges() changes key value to NULL before saving so it isn't saving at all
by tobybot in Programming Languages

I have no relations set within model nor database (and I want it to stay like that) so I'm forced to do all the key-related mathematics. The case is that the SaveChanges function is changing my preset values. The code:

public ActionResult Create(Coach coach, HttpPostedFileBase file)
if (file != null && file.ContentLength > 0)

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