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Image Quality problems using Canvas and canvas.scale(Scale, Scale);
by pttr in Programming Languages

I am having Image Quality problems using Canvas and canvas.scale(Scale, Scale); they look exactly like the following:

android: quality of the images resized in runtime

I believe I have read all the posts on image quality problems when re-sizing bitmaps, but it doesn't seem to help when scaling with a Canvas scale(float scale).

I have tried many different opti

Scale/zoom a DOM element and the space it occupies using CSS3 transform scale()
by rbonestell in Web Design

In the middle of my page I have a div element with some content in it (other divs, images, whatever).

<div id="content-to-scale">
<div>something inside</div>
<div>another something</div>

I would

iPhone multi-touch move, scale and rotate, how to prevent scale?
by Matthiasa in Mobile Programming

I have existing code for tracking multi-touch positions and then moving, rotating and scaling the item - in this case an image - appropriately.

The code works really well and in itself is perfect, however for this particular task, I need the movement and rotation ONLY. I have spent time trying to work out what is going on in this routine, but maths is not my strong point so wanted t

jquery scale with origin middle and center come back to original position after scale complete
by liganic in Web Design

i'm trying to scale element with and jquery-ui-1.8.21

$("#star1").effect("scale", {
percent: 125,
origin: ['middle', 'center']
}, 1000);

but after the scale complete, the element jump to original top left

like in this fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/Ncqps/

i've googled it and found that this was known bug in http://bu

Is it possible to scale just the container size(without scaling content) using css3 scale?
by Excessi0n in Web Design

I want a div to occupy view port when a user clicks on it. currently, I have set css3 transition to the div. And setting the width and height property using javascript. And animation happens. But it is not smooth. It looks jerky.

So, I want to use some built in function to scale. And I ended with css3 scale(). But it scales the content as well. I just want the div to expand. Not the

How to scale view and keep custom borders in the original size scale?
by Super56K in Operating Systems

I'm building an ios application.
In my application I have a view which contains amongst other things an ImageView
I've created a border around the image view by adding subviews around it.
Each subview has got it's own unique values (5,10,15,10)

I give my users the ability to move, rotate and scale the super view.
Currently every scale causes my border views to ch

creating a website that can scale down and scale up no matter the screen size
by liganic in Web Design

i am creating a website on my mac book 13 inch the background image i am trying to use is too big for my screen is their a way to keep the aspect ratio the same when developing on my screen so it will look the same scaled up or scaled down

i have used this code to scale the background image to fill the whole screen

background: url(images/background.jpg) no-repeat cen

how to convert a 8 bit gray scale bitmap to 4 bit scale in java?
by Topweasel in Java

I want to read an gray level image file, for example, lena.bmp, then reduce the gray level resolution in java, I used PixelGrabber to get the pixels data of this image, how to convert this 8 bit gray scale bitmap to 4 bit?

Difference Between Industrial Scale & Laboratory Scale
by Demo24 in Education
Industrial and laboratory scales both measure weight, but their features make each ideal for a different situation. The differentiating features include accuracy, precision and range. PrecisionPrecision is a characteristics of a scale that allows one to make specific differentiations. A precise scale can weigh an object several times and result in the same measurement each time. Laboratory bala

How do I achieve scale effect in css but don't want to scale back
by Tom D in Web Design

Am using jQuery transit and I saw an example over there, I want to effect the first example Transitions for other properties category

Ya, the one that comes forward, what I tried was this with simple CSS3


But here the text actually resizes, but what I want is it should come ahead and disappear, I hope you understand, I

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