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Problems making an accurate Visual Studio scheme for Vim (vim scheme specialist needed)
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to make an accurate Visual Studio scheme.

I set hi function to blood color (#9A1102) for the "CSS function" (e.g. #thisisanid).

But now the brackets with properties (id, class) in html elements also have blood color: (ironically the same color here in Stackoverflow). But I want them blue (#2902FC)


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Differences between Guile Scheme and Standard Scheme (in Racket IDE)?
Category : Development Tools & Services

I've got a bunch of "legacy" Guile Scheme code that I want to get running in the Racket Scheme IDE. There appear to be enough differences to make this a non-trivial exercise. (My level of Scheme knowledge is the level to complete the The Little Schemer).

My question is:

What are the differences between Guile Scheme and Standard Scheme (in the Racket IDE)?
In light of t

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Reading lines from file in Scheme (MIT/GNU Scheme)
Category : Development Tools & Services

I am experimenting with Scheme (MIT/GNU Scheme 9.1) and I am writing some simple procedures to read and write files.

In order to read all the lines contained in a file into a list I have written the following:

(define read-lines-from-port-impl
(lambda (file-input-port)
(let* ((line (read-line file-input-port))

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Methods and properties in scheme: is OOP possible in Scheme?
Category : Programming Languages

I will use a simple example to illustrate my question. In Java, C, or any other OOP language, I could create a pie class in a way similar to this:

class Apple{
public String flavor;
public int pieces;
private int tastiness;
public goodness(){
return tastiness*pieces;

What's the be

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About “If..” in Scheme (plt-scheme)
Category : Programming Languages

I had a pretty simple requirement in my Scheme program to execute more
than one statement, in the true condition of a 'if'. . So I write my
code, something like this:

(if (= 1 1)
((expression1) (expression2)) ; these 2 expressions are to be
executed when the condition is true
(expression3) )

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How can I set my VIM color scheme to the same default color scheme in Visual Studio?
Category : Programming Languages

Very new to VIM so any explanation on how to configure would be very appreciated.

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scheme and set!
Category : Coding

How can I change the value of a variable via a function that consumes lambda parameter?

(define test "fails")
(define (experiment input) (set! input "works"))
> test
> (experiment test)
> test

This seems to fail..


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TAGS : scheme

GTK/Qt On PLT Scheme
Category : Operating Systems

When you compile something written in PLT Scheme on Linux that have a GUI the final will be in a grey(default) theme of Linux, but I want to know

If it's possible to integrate PLT Scheme with GTK or Qt?
How to do this?

Example of grey(default) theme:


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TAGS : Scheme

n-bit ALU in scheme
Category : Web Design

I'm making n-bit ALU in scheme and I have a 1-bit ALU so far.
Can someone tell me how to approach this problem? Here are the instructions for it:

The format of the procedure is

(ALUn selection x1 x2 n)

where the first parameter, selection can take any of the values: 'add, 'sub,

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TAGS : scheme

Scheme: confusion with set!
Category : Web Design

I'm confused how this code works:

(define m (list 1 2 3 '(5 8)))
(let ((l (cdr m)))
(set! l '(28 88))) ==>(1 2 3 (5 8))
(define o (list 1 2 3 '(5 8)))
(let ((l (cdr o)))
(set-car! l '(28 88))) ==> (1 (28 88) 3 (5 8))

Why does (set! l '(28 88))) not update m?

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