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Problems making an accurate Visual Studio scheme for Vim (vim scheme specialist needed)
by Ph33zy in Programming Languages

I'm trying to make an accurate Visual Studio scheme.

I set hi function to blood color (#9A1102) for the "CSS function" (e.g. #thisisanid).

But now the brackets with properties (id, class) in html elements also have blood color: (ironically the same color here in Stackoverflow). But I want them blue (#2902FC)


Differences between Guile Scheme and Standard Scheme (in Racket IDE)?
by picamiolo in Development Tools & Services

I've got a bunch of "legacy" Guile Scheme code that I want to get running in the Racket Scheme IDE. There appear to be enough differences to make this a non-trivial exercise. (My level of Scheme knowledge is the level to complete the The Little Schemer).

My question is:

What are the differences between Guile Scheme and Standard Scheme (in the Racket IDE)?
In light of t

Reading lines from file in Scheme (MIT/GNU Scheme)
by YoNGaR in Development Tools & Services

I am experimenting with Scheme (MIT/GNU Scheme 9.1) and I am writing some simple procedures to read and write files.

In order to read all the lines contained in a file into a list I have written the following:

(define read-lines-from-port-impl
(lambda (file-input-port)
(let* ((line (read-line file-input-port))

Methods and properties in scheme: is OOP possible in Scheme?
by alexandruz in Programming Languages

I will use a simple example to illustrate my question. In Java, C, or any other OOP language, I could create a pie class in a way similar to this:

class Apple{
public String flavor;
public int pieces;
private int tastiness;
public goodness(){
return tastiness*pieces;

What's the be

About “If..” in Scheme (plt-scheme)
by Rineau in Programming Languages

I had a pretty simple requirement in my Scheme program to execute more
than one statement, in the true condition of a 'if'. . So I write my
code, something like this:

(if (= 1 1)
((expression1) (expression2)) ; these 2 expressions are to be
executed when the condition is true
(expression3) )

How can I set my VIM color scheme to the same default color scheme in Visual Studio?
by DeeJay1 in Programming Languages

Very new to VIM so any explanation on how to configure would be very appreciated.

n-bit ALU in scheme
by Czech Republic in Web Design

I'm making n-bit ALU in scheme and I have a 1-bit ALU so far.
Can someone tell me how to approach this problem? Here are the instructions for it:

The format of the procedure is

(ALUn selection x1 x2 n)

where the first parameter, selection can take any of the values: 'add, 'sub,

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scheme and set!
by mhedberg in Coding

How can I change the value of a variable via a function that consumes lambda parameter?

(define test "fails")
(define (experiment input) (set! input "works"))
> test
> (experiment test)
> test

This seems to fail..


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GTK/Qt On PLT Scheme
by akiin in Operating Systems

When you compile something written in PLT Scheme on Linux that have a GUI the final will be in a grey(default) theme of Linux, but I want to know

If it's possible to integrate PLT Scheme with GTK or Qt?
How to do this?

Example of grey(default) theme:


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Scheme instead of Applescript?
by George H. in Development Tools & Services

Can I use Scheme instead of Applescript on the Mac to automate apps such as iTunes, iCal, Mail, etc.?


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