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AngularJS changes to the $scope properties aren't reflected in the view without calling $scope.$apply
by AnthonyC in Web Design

First here's a plunk: http://plnkr.co/edit/2gD0AB. This plunk doesn't seem to work correctly because $scope.$on("$viewContentLoaded") won't fire, but on my machine it works just fine and I hope you get the idea.

What I'm trying to do there is simply move field objects from $scope.fields to $scope.groupFields = [], $scope.listFields = [], $scope.dataFi

Faster to reuse a variable defined in a common scope or redefine it in each inner scope?
by mg. in Programming Languages

C++ specifically, if it matters, but I imagine the answer lies in assembly code somehow.

If we have multiple blocks in a common scope (say, a function) which each use a variable of the same type, is it faster to define the variable in the common scope and reinitialise it in each block, or redefine and initialise it in each of the blocks (or is there no fundamental difference)?

How do I exclude a dependency in provided scope when running in Maven test scope?
by Ian McKellar in Programming Languages

How do I exclude a dependency in provided scope when running in Maven test scope? I have an unusual use case where I need to exclude a particular provided implementation and replace it with another in the test cases. It seems that Maven tests always include other scopes as well but in my case I want to make some exception. How do I do this?

Nodejs Fibers can't pass value from inside scope to outer scope
by boomerang in Development Tools & Services

I have a question about Nodejs Fibers(which is absolute new for me) ...
I have this tutorial for Nodejs Fibers, http://bjouhier.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/fibers-and-threads-in-node-js-what-for/, and there was an example in here it says

var fiber = Fiber.current;
db.connect(function(err, conn) {
if (err) return fiber.throwInto(err);

scope in javascript (why at the scope of $.post() method array is local?)
by nseibert in Javascript
externalCSSContents = [];
function getExternalCSSContents(){
href = document.styleSheets[0].href;
$.post(href, function(result){
alert(externalCSSContents.length); // 1
alert(externalCSSContents.length); // 0

Can s

get the complement of a scope in rails / a scope that filters out matching entries
by Roel van Dijk in Coding

I am building a model which keeps track of posts that a given user has read (in Rails 3). The table that tracks this is 'readings.' a reading belongs_to both :user and :post, both of which has_many :readings. When a user sees a post, it is marked as read, and a 'reading' is created with the user_id and post_id. This seems to work fine, but now I am trying to write a scope that returns only

In AngularJS, how to make an isolated scope inherit from ng-repeat's scope
by Tashi in Web Design

I'm trying to create a custom component that receives arguments in a ng-repeat loop.
So for example, say I have a component named "mycomp" that receives a custom argument "name" in a ng-repeat:

<mycomp name="{obj.name}" ng-repeat="obj in list" />

And in my directive the isolated scope is defined like this:


Seam - understanding PAGE scope and CONVERSATION scope
by Rit Li in Web Design

I still get confused about the PAGE and the CONVERSATION (temp) scope. Maybe I get some help here.
As fas as I know, variables outjected to the PAGE scope live as long as the user only postbacks the same page. The temporary CONVERSATION scope instead even survives a redirect to the next page.
Here is a little example with two effec

how to create google docs using api in app scope instead of user scope
by Massachusetts in Development Tools & Services

I want to create an app which will use google drive to create and store documents. However I have a custom authentication module and will not use gmail authentication.

The documents that are crated need to be in the application scope, and not user scope.

What I mean is that the app should login into google drive and create docs, instead of the user.

How do

jquery ajax callback variable scope (why are some in scope and others not)
by South Korea in Web Design

I'm a newbie to Javascript and jQuery and am puzzled by the following code and results.

Why is my golfer_name in scope, but my team_id not in scope? And how do I fix it?
It appears to be the array, and the variables set equal to an array element that are not available in the call back.

jQuery code

function submit_pick( sender ) {
var names =

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