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What Format Is Better for Flat Screen TVs: 4:3 Full Screen or 16:9 Wide-Screen?
by Thaweesak Suksuwan in Electronics
Aspect ratios for viewing programs on televisions vary with the type of television. Before flat-screen televisions, televisions came formatted with the 4:3 aspect ratio. This allowed television programmers to chop off either side of large-format movies designed for viewing in a theater at 1.85:1 and 2.4:1 aspect ratios to create movies viewable on a television. When they chopped the ends off, they

How to remove the LOCK screen that aprear after the emulator boot up to main screen in ANDROID 2.1
by dreshyne2g in Android

LOCK screen aprears at the main screen, after boot the emulator boot up. I want to disable the locking at main screen, So that while next time i boot up my emulator not LOCK screen apears. Can any body suggest me best solution for this?

How to make console screen (Turbo C editor) full screen in MS-windows vista
by Randy K in Programming Languages

I creates program in c/c++ in turbo c . but i am facing problem is that i am not able to make it full screen in windows vista. please tell me how to do it?

How to handle screen resolutions for an Android based single screen 2D platformer game
by Belgium in Android

I've been writing a 2D platormer puzzle game for Android. The idea is to collect the different items on the screen, while avoiding enemies. I have it as a single screen level. This means there is no scrolling. The reason for that is because I have pac-man type rules. Meaning you go off the screen to the left and you appear on the far right of the screen. Same goes for falling off the bott

My Dell Laptop Screen Doesn't Display Full Screen When I Change the Resolution
by ZsA in Computers
If you Dell laptop computer screen isn't displaying a full-screen image after you adjust its overall resolution, this means that you've changed to a resolution that your monitor doesn't support. You've either picked a resolution that is too large or too small for your laptop's built-in screen to handle. You can correct this by switching it back to its recommended resolution, using native Windows t

My iPhone Screen Cracked & the Touch Screen Stopped Working, Are These Two Problems Related?
by amelim in Electronics
Cracking the iPhone's screen doesn't necessarily mean that the screen will stop working, but it can certainly cause it to. The touch screen contains several layers, and if the crack reaches a specific layer, then the electrical signals can be interrupted. However, while the relationship between a crack and a screen malfunction is probable, alternative issues could also explain the coincidence.

After Game Center “Create New Account” screen, I get a Black Screen
by Cenneca in Mobile Programming

I am working on an OpenGL iPhone game. When I go back from GameCenter's "Create a new account", i get a black screen.

I have also tried using GameCenter via OpenFeint. Still it gives a black screen. Can anyone tell me if I can get any kind of Notification when that GameCenter's "Create new account" screen is closed?


How do I make an image stay at the bottom of the screen no matter the screen height/width?
by Alec in Web Design

I'm trying to make an image appear when you roll over text on the bottom right side of the screen. How do I get it down there for all screen widths and heights?

Is there a way for me to make a screen similar to the ICS voice typing screen with the flashing red glow in my Android app?
by keyed in Android

I'm making a voice transcriptionist software and it would be nice if I could copy the UI and UI style that shows up when you use your voice to type on Android?

Here's how it looks if you don't know what I mean: pic of it here

What are my options in doing so? Does Google provide any kind of API or is there a way that I could steal this nice looking screen for my app? The

How to create an on-screen android keyboard that isnt a rectangle at the bottom portion of the screen?
by sep in Android

I want to develop a replacement keyboard, but I am afraid that Android assumes the general keyboard 'area' will be a single rectangular shape that sits at the bottom of the screen.

What if I want my keyboard to consist of multiple shapes that don't just sit at the bottom of the screen? Am I doomed from the start, or is it possible to do what I want to do?

On a relate

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