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automatic scroll : how to scroll images one by one in scroll view automatically
by Seba in Programming Languages

I am making an image application. In that I am moving images one by one. I am also showing image thumbnail at the bottom of screen in scroll view.

My problem is when I change the image on touch in main image view, the thumbnail image should highlighted. If again changing the main view image the next thumbnail image should be highlighted.

for highlighting image I've set

How do I make an image partially scroll, then stay fixed, then scroll when you pass a section?
by iNate2000 in Web Design

I don't even know what I want to do would be called

Please take a quick look at this page:


You'll see the title Plasma Pong and an image under it, on the left side. When I scroll the article, I'd like it to stay put while the page scrolls. However, you'll notice when you get the bottom of the page, there is a footer

Drag/drop/scroll on mobiles between/within div blocks w/jQuery, and also block overall page scroll
by Xander in Programming Languages


Mobile phone equipped with jquery, jquery mobile, jquery-ui.touch and jquery.ui.touch-punch, the latter to make quite some things like drag/drop etc available for touch screens.

Two div blocks from which to drag bullets from one sortable div block into other sortable div block.

On the screen those two blocks are visually adjacent to one another to

GWT force scroll panel to render on manual scroll (with video describing situation)
by Douglas Stockwell in Programming Languages

I'm having trouble manually scrolling of a scrollPanel.
The picture below display 3 situations:

I have two side by side grids that I have manually made using tree and gwtqueryplugins because of drag and drop options and other stuff not worth explaining here.

I want to drag elements between grids.
On case (1) nothing is happening.
On case (2) I'm

Adobe Flex Mobile - TextArea refuses to scroll on Android, StageWebView won't scroll at all
by walkur in Android

I'm trying to make the Spark TextArea component automatically scroll down as text is added to it.

When the TextArea is first populated, the vertical scrollbar is at the bottom. But if I append more text, it just outright refuses to scroll. Its working on the iOS platform, but it won't on Android!!

I've tried doing the following, according to the example found here: http:

How to detect horizontal scroll in panel (to disable vertical scroll meanwhile) in sencha touch
by denis280 in Web Design

we're using sencha touch for a webpage that contains five panels scrollable horizontally, all contained in a nestedList that's scrollable vertically.

Everthing works fine but the scrolling is loose (because the page is scrollabe both ways, if the scrolling over a panel is a little inclined the whole page also scrolls )

So what i want to do is to forbid vertical scrolling

jQuery DataTables plugin IE9 scroll issue (last element not showing, scroll not appearing)
by joth in Coding

I'm having trouble with DataTables plugin on IE9 (Firefox and Chrome are OK). The problem is that my table won't show the last element (or it is barely seen), and the scrollbar won't show, meaning I can't access it.
It looks like this:

DataTable is beeing initialized with these parameters:

'sScrollY': '100%',

Does jqgrid support drag and drop when virtual scroll (scroll:true) is enabled?
by Pennsylvania in Programming Languages

Is this expected to work? if you are rendering fewer rows than are in the data can you drag and drop items?

Jquery Nice scroll does not work on page load, works on mouse scroll
by NoCreativity in Coding

I am using Jquery nice scroll plugin, But on the page load the scrollbars does not appear. It only appears when you trigger some event like - window resize, mouse wheel scroll or keyboard up down press. Can any one help me with this.

How can I differentiate a manual scroll (via mousewheel/scrollbar) from a Javascript/jQuery scroll?
by NesuD in Javascript

Here is a jsbin example demonstrating the problem.

And here is the fixed version thanks to fudgey.

Basically, I have the following javascript which scrolls the window to an anchor on the page:

// get anchors with href's that start with "#"
$("a[href^=#]").live("click", function(){
var target = $($(this).attr("href

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