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Scrollbar within a scrollbar only make the inner scrollbar jump to id
by Matt1970 in Web Design

I have a page that requires a scrollbar -


You will notice (unless you are running at a high resolution with a big screen) that there is an outer scrollbar for the main page as well as an inner scrollbar for the content. When you click on one of the sub items e.g. payments you will notice that the outer p

CSS Scrollbar Issue in Chrome - The scrollbar and the space allocation for it are triggered separately?
by LinAdmin in Web Design

I have a straightforward markup of HTML and CSS. There is a fixed div at 100% width, and 33.3333333% height, positioned to be below the bottom of the page with its top part peeking out. (bottom:-28.21%;) - I am using a Javascript in another version of this code to bring it up fully. (bottom:0;)

It looks fine except for: When the bottom of the main content div is near to/intersects w

“Scrambled” webkit scrollbar (trying to reproduce Google+'s scrollbar)
by Andrew in Web Design

I'm trying to reproduce google+'s scrollbar on my site. For reasons I can't figure out sometimes this scrollbar has a scrambled appearance. By scrambled, I mean the scrollbar is multi-colored, has a black line spanning it, and the scrollbar-thumb is not visible. Here's a screenshot to show you what i mean:

Here's a jsfiddle where unfortunately, the scroll

GXT LayoutContainer with scrollbar reports a client height value which includes the area below the scrollbar
by pansapiens in Development Tools & Services

I have this code which sets up a "main" container into which other modules of the application will go.

LayoutContainer c = new LayoutContainer();
parentContainer.add(c, <...>);

Then later on, I have the following as an event handler

pContainer = c; // pContainer is actually a param

Replace scrollbar within small text area with custom scrollbar
by Andrew S. in Web Design

Is there a way to replace a standard scrollbar with a custom image (arrow graphics) that allows visitors to click on the graphics and scroll? 2 graphics (up and down arrow).

Horizontal scrollbar appearing due to vertical scrollbar - HTML layout
by ruby-on-rails in Web Design

Please have a look at

I have set the width of the enclosing DIV tag "c" exactly to the width of the child table t1. However, due to the horizontal scroll bar, the vertical scroll bar appears. Ideally since the width of "c" is exactly the same as "t1", the horizontal scroll should not appear.

And ideas on how to avoid this.


Scrollbar of DIV with position FIXED is partly hidden behind window scrollbar
by Matthew Steed in Web Design

I have a table of contents in my page (see here) with these CSS styles:

div.toc {

How do I have to change these settings to make sure the DIV isn't partially hidden behind the body/window scroll bar?

(Tested with Firef

Fixed header table with horizontal scrollbar and vertical scrollbar on
by matt.s in Web Design

I have been trying to figure out this problem i have with html/css sticky header + scrollbars. We are creating a program that requires scrollbars to show up once the containersize reaches a certain point(depending on resolution of the user).

I am forcing a min-width on the second column in the table, so the table stops decreasing at a certain point and forces the container to stay

How create WPF scrollbar to look like iTunes cover flow scrollbar?
by Texas in Development Tools & Services

I would like to create a scrollbar in WPF that looks like the one seen in iTunes cover flow. See scrollbar image below, which also shows the reflection of the album art underneath the scrollbar.

Below is a basic scrollbar control in xaml.

<ScrollBar Name="scrollBar1" Height="24" Width="Auto" Orientation="Horizontal"
SmallChange="1" /&

CSS: Vertical Scrollbar leads to horizontal scrollbar
by Angelo Giannatos in Web Design

My CSS looks like this:

position: absolute;
max-height: 300px
height: auto;
width: auto;
overflow: auto;

The div height and width scale automatically. The height has fixed a maximum though: as soon as this value is reached vertical scrollbars appear. This works all pretty swell.


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