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how to disable scrollviewer automatic moving of scrollviewer in XAML Phone Application
by EvilNodZ in Programming Languages

how can I make my scrollviewer not to move automatically when I move and release it with mouse, I know it is the normal behavior, I need to make it keep its current horizontal offset when I release mouse.

Listview inside of scrollviewer prevents scrollviewer scroll
by CRaul87 in Programming Languages

I have a scrollviewer with a couple listboxes in it. The problem is if a user uses the middle mouse roller to scroll the scrollviewer while their mouse is over a listview. The listview scrolls its internal scrollviewer to the bottom and then continues to capture the mouse, preventing the containing scrollviewer from scrolling.

Any ideas on how to handle this?

How do I get a scrollbar in a scrollviewer to focus the scrollviewer when clicked?
by bigrod in Development Tools & Services

Currently with a scrollviewer, clicking the scroll bar contained in it to pan the content around it will not focus the viewer (or anything for that matter).
I wish to have it so when you scroll by dragging the scroll, or even clicking the scrollbar will focus the parent (scroll viewer).

I achieved this somewhat by attaching a ScrollChanged handler on the scrollviewer and calli

Main scrollViewer screws up inner scrollviewer
by pansapiens in Development Tools & Services

I have a grid layout with 3 rows:

Btw: The orange rectangles represent scrollbars

If I leave this grid as the main layout, everything runs fine, the second row (datagrid inside a scrollviewer) stretches and shrinks as needed.

Now, I need the user to be able to scroll horizontally the whole window, because the DataGrid is large.

My pro

Is it possible to disable a ScrollViewer from inside the ScrollViewer?
by Pierre LeBoo in Development Tools & Services

From a UserControl, I would like to disable a ScrollViewer which is defined one level higher. My scenario looks something like this:

<!-- ... -->
<ScrollViewer VerticalScrollBarVisibility="Auto"
<custom:MyUserControl ... />

ScrollViewer within a ScrollViewer
by nologicon in Programming Languages

I want to create an experience on Windows 7 (using touch) where I can have an outer ScrollViewer (which is the size of the screen) that can only scroll vertically. Inside that ScrollViewer I will have several other ScrollViewer controls that only scroll horizontally, like a bookshelf.

I can do this, but the area where I am having trouble is wit

How to hide what's outside a ScrollViewer?
by DCal430 in Programming Languages

I'm using a ScrollViewer in a WPF project and i'm struggling with its content.
The window this SV is contained in has many other UI items and I'd like to make the Image scrolled by the ScrollViewer not visible out of the SV zone or at least BEHIND other elements.

This is my bit of code with the SV (yes, it's inside a grid):

<Grid Name

How to use ScrollViewer.ScrollToVerticalOffset?
by Mytime34 in Operating Systems

I hope this isn't a duplicate but I can't find any documentation or examples on how to actually use ScrollToVerticalOffset(). I'm using it in a Windows Phone 8 app, but I think it will still apply to WP7 and Silverlight (although, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

So here is my basic set up (pseudo-code from memory):


Grid In scrollviewer
by Daniel E. Renfer in Development Tools & Services

i used a GroupBox with a scrollviewer inside it ..and inside scrollviewer i put a grid and begin to put my controls (3 textblocks and 6 textboxes)
-after making my scrollviewer to scroll my content (the remaining 3 textboxes) i faced a trouble of grid inside scrollviewer appear behind things like the next pic
how can i make grid have the same size of GroupBox and doesn't appear beh

One ScrollViewer for two ListBox
by vb.net in Programming Languages

I've got 2 listbox and one scrollviewer and I want the scrollviewer to scroll the two listbox together. But i don't know how to do.. Here's my xaml :

<ScrollViewer Grid.Row="1">
<ListBox Name="listboxRSSFeedItems" Width="240" Height="644" Margin="0,0,240,0">

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