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How can I check with phonegap whether a user has a SDcard or has not.? Also where is data being downloaded saved: on SDcard or system.?
by bigrod in Web Design

How can I check with phonegap whether a user has a SDcard or has not.? Also where is data being downloaded saved: on SDcard or system.?

Android - file.exists() returns true for /mnt/sdcard folder, even though SDCard is unmounted? - Emulator
by ghost recon88 in Programming Languages

I unmounted the SD card by renaming the SDCard file (sdcard.img - located in .Android folder) for the emulator.

But my application's f.exists() still returns true for the root folder of the sd card - /mnt/sdcard (even though it technically shouldn't be there).

How can this be possible?

Edit: it returns false for files located under /mnt/sdcard/something. But

device admin's wipeData(0) does not format SDCard. How to wipe SDCard clean using device admin or other way programatically?
by wolf1306 in Programming Languages

I want to remotely reset phone to default factory settings. I used DeviceAdmin's wipeData(). Does the job but doesnt clean the SDCard.

Any clue what am I doing wrong OR is it that wipeData() does not clean the SDCard data. If so, how can I do it programatically?

is there a difference between /mnt/sdcard and /sdcard?
by cubby1223 in Programming Languages

I'm trying to save a bitmap into the Pictures directory. Here's the code

File path = Environment.getExternalStoragePublicDirectory(Environment.DIRECTORY_PICTURES);
File file = new File(path, "test1.PNG");
try {
OutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(file);

issue on sdcard in sdcard
by drudge in Programming Languages

i need to retrieve the images from sdcard,i used the following code.

String[] projection = {MediaStore.Images.Thumbnails._ID};
cursor = managedQuery( MediaStore.Images.Thumbnails.EXTERNAL_CONTENT_URI,
columnIndex = cursor.ge

res/raw, assets or sdcard?
by Erwin in Programming Languages

I am developing an app which is heavy on images, videos and other resources. What would be the proper place to store all this info? I can see that programmatically the raw folder is probably the easiest to handle, but what is the correct policy to this?

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Cant able to create DIR in sdcard
by Stjepan in Programming Languages

i have make code to make directory on click event of button. but i cant able to create directory. previously i can do it easily but now it have some trouble and i dont get success please help on this:-


button1.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
public void onClick(View v) {
Username = username.getText().toStrin

Security to SDCard
by Nate Childers in Programming Languages

How to provide security in android sd card file. I am creating one application for E-book reading user can download it using that application and can read user can download it from web-service and after downloading it stores in SDCcard as .epub file

But i want to Provide it security that if one user download any book then other user cant copy from SDCard or

TAGS : Security SDCard

SDcard only RO even after set permissions
by Lori in Programming Languages

I have added <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" /> to Manifest but I still get "SDcard mounted RO" when executing the below code. What am I doing wrong here?

if(!extState.equals(Environment.MEDIA_MOUNTED)) {
("SDcard not mounted"));
else if (

sdcard in android
by Matt Willtrout in Android

Hi friends
i want to clear sd card memory via android coding

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