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apply security=none to context root and static resources : spring security version 3.1
by Pakistan in Development Tools & Services

my application compiles to ROOT.war which basically means I do not have a context root other than /. There are pages which are to be secured; however there are URLs which do not need it; for example my http://localhost:8080/ gives the home page of this application; and there are similar pages like about us, contact us, etc where security is not need. So I add this to the configuration

Browser Security Error: “This page can't be displayed due to a security violation”
by JoeKaras in Web Design

I work for a web development firm, and I designed a page for some of our marketing people to add custom footers to various pages in our application. We have various test environments before we deploy our product for the world to see.

The problem is, when someone tries to add a javascript:(void) call to the footer HTML, they are presented with a blank page with the following error me

Security Exception - The application attempted to perform an operation not allowed by the security policy
by keird in Development Tools & Services

I have a simple implementation where I instantiate OpenIdRelyingParty and then call RedirectToProvider. It runs fine in a hosted environment at 1and1 and also on Cassini (Visual Studio 2010). However, when I deploy it onto the IIS on my PC (Windows 7), I get a Security Exception:

"The application attempted to perform an operation not allowed by the security policy. To grant th

Grails and ACEGI security plugin - How to impede login from within security event listener?
by Erwin in Development Tools & Services

I have the following event listener in SecurityConfig

security {

active = true
useSecurityEventListener = true


onInteractiveAuthenticationSuccessEvent = { e, appCtx ->
// handle InteractiveAuthenticationSuccessEvent

//how to cancel user login from here??



is .net caching sensitive data will be dangerous in manner of security or have any security issues?
by dbrews in Programming Languages

I am using asp.net 4.
i wonder if it will be secure to caching sensitive data?
is it dangerous in manner of security or any other security issues?

Alternative ways to configure security constraints with container managed security outside web.xml?
by Barak in Programming Languages

if you use Java EE 6 container managed security, you can configure security constraints for resources inside the web.xml deployment descriptor. Are there alternative ways to do this?

For example the container could fetch them out of a database, like it does with the user data.

Is something like this possible? I would like a way that doesn't need to redeploy the webapp.

Is there any Spring-Security-based production-ready security package for Java?
by Pedro Varela in Java

I'm designing the security subsystem for a new product. The system requires the following:

Complex user/group/permission model, both service-level and domain-level (ACL)
Administration UI for the above
Rules performed upon user actions (account disable on failed login, password complexity requirements, etc).

Before going ahead and implementing most of the features tha

An error was discovered processing the <wsse:Security> header (c#) + WS-Security Timestamp
by DrMrLordX in Programming Languages

I am getting an error which says :

"An error was discovered processing the header"

While I am trying to communicate to web service.

How can I add "WS-Security Timestamp" to the soap request ?

error :Security processor was unable to find a security header in the message
by Justin Blanton in Development Tools & Services

I've a Windows based application using a WCF service hosted in IIS of development server. I'm calling a method defined in the service to run an SSIS package at the SQL database. The method returns success or failure to the client based on whether the package is executed successfully or not.

The package gets executed at the database successfully at all times but the service throws th

MessageSecurityException: Security processor was unable to find a security header in the message
by Will in Development Tools & Services

What is the state of Mono for Android's secure WCF services? Is it up to SOAP 1.2 yet?
I am writing a POC for an Android app that will interact with WCF services, but am struggling to get the thing working.

I am trying to connect to a service that has TransportWithMessageCredential security. However I am getting an error on the server side.

This is the

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