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How to check if item is selected in a dropdownList and enable/disable a textbox if a listitem is selected/not selected
by Silverforce11 in Web Design

I have a page where i have created a form of sorts.
I have 2 dropdownlists(profilelist & salarylist).

I have 3 textboxes in this form. What i want to do:

I have 2 boxes where i create a new profile and a new salarygroup and the new profile is added to the profillist amd the salarygroup is added to the salarylist.

Now I want the third box to be disab

Jquery and IE 7 - selected property not working for multiple select boxes, even when options are selected
by Lex Viatkine in Web Design

I've a dropdown (multiple select). I choose a few values, they are highlighted correctly, but jQuery doesn't recognize them as selected. this works in firefox and chrome, doesn't work in IE. this is the code

$("#myBox" +" option").each(function()
if ($(this).attr("selected") == true)
// do something

CSS navigation menu with rollover and selected effects. How do I apply the “selected”?
by Nandor Devai in Web Design

I don't know HTML or much coding. Below is a copy and paste, something I didn't create. Basically we have a single image containing three different menu sections (home, blog, contact) and the four different states that the menu could be in: normal, hover, clicked and active.

The selected/active, is only working on the home page. How do I make the active image stick to the other imag

Java Swing - JCheckbox with 3 states (full selected, partially selected and deselected)
by SperglordActual in Programming Languages

I want a JCheckbox that has 3 states as shown below:

Partially Selected
Full Selected

Q1. Can I use the JCheckbox for the above purpose or have to go for some custom swing component?

Django, setting selected=“selected” on a radio input
by joshboles in Web Design

A simple form with ModelChoiceField displayed as radio buttons (the inherited widget).

I'm using an onchange event to POST, everytime a user selects a radio button:

shipping_choice = ShippingChoiceField(
'class': 'order',
'onchange': '$("#shipping_cho

jQuery Mobile Listview: Set selected index and show selected item
by jald in Programming Languages

I'm writing my first jQuery Mobile web app and searching for a way to show the content of a listview item directly when only one item is in the listview (so that the user doesn't need to click at a single item)

How can I do this?

I have tried this using selectedindex:

$('#myList').selectedindex = 0;

And using a url redirect:


assigning selected=“selected” to dynamic option list
by Gurpreet Singh in Programming Languages

In an "edit article" page i have a select list which displays author first and last name, as well as authorId as the value. As well as the article context and headline and so on (fetched with a different method) - though this method also holds the authorId of the specific article.

I need to have the Author of the Article selected in the option list, instead of it defaulting to the f

PHP and mysql: how can i make selected option stay selected in s Combo after submit
by Alec in Programming Languages

i was searching in stackoverflow and the only thing i got is something like this. I want to do with this code

<select class="input_select" name='nombre_compania'><?
msqlcon_catering(); //which is the function i made that connects to the database
$query = "SELECT * FROM compania ORDER BY id DESC";
$result = mysql_query($query);
while ($

Combo box's Selected index changed event not getting fired when any item is selected
by maximumbob in Web Design

I am having a form in which there are two combo box and a grid,
i have written filtering code on selectedindex changed event of combo box,SuggestAppend property is set for combo box.when i type a country name eg india and press enter the selected index changed event does not fire immediately,when i click somewhere out then its fires and gives output.
Please suggest me what to do.Tha

asp.net mvc3/4 request.form to return the selected value and the selected text from selectlist
by Topweasel in Programming Languages

How would I get in my controller, the text part of Request.Form["StandID"]

<div class="editor-field">
<select id="StandID" name="StandID">
<option value=""/>
<option value="3">Mark</option>
<option value="5" Selected>Brian</option>
<option value="6">Ian</option>
<option value="7">Vin</opt


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