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If I Transfer or Sell My Property While in Foreclosure, Can They Still Foreclose & Sell My Home?
by tontod in Personal Finance
Receiving a notice of foreclosure does not mean you automatically lose your home. The ultimate goal of the lender is to recoup the unpaid mortgage debt. If you are able to bring the mortgage balance current by selling your home, you can generally prevent the foreclosure process. However, your options depend on where you are in the foreclosure process. Phases of ForeclosureWhen you fall behind o

If I Sell a Rental House, Is It Taxable If I Sell It for Less Than What I Paid?
by Jarques in Personal Finance
Owning a rental property can be an effective way to earn extra income from tenants, and may even become your sole source of income if you own a multi-family rental unit or multiple rental properties. However, managing rental properties can be a time-consuming process, and the increased upkeep on older properties can reduce your profits. If you decide to sell a rental property for less than what yo

What Makes Some Bonds Sell at a Premium While Others Sell at a Discount?
by MeldarthX in Personal Finance
Bonds can trade in the secondary market at par (face value), at a premium or at a discount depending on their structure and market conditions. Bond StructureMost bonds are issued in $1,000 denominations. The annual interest, expressed as a percentage of par, is set in dollars for the life of the bond. A 20-year 5 percent bond will pay $50 in annual interest for every $1,000 of face value until

Why Stocks That Have Exceeded the Sell Limit Price Do Not Sell
by Tim Tyrrell in Personal Finance
Successfully investing in the stock market can seem overwhelming to the novice investor. A poor decision can cost you money in the form of your investment value dropping, or in getting rid of a stock right before it becomes profitable. There are certain types of orders you can place to help you minimize losses and maximize profits. Limit OrderA limit order allows you to set the price you wish t

Differences Between Cross-Sell & Up-Sell
by Omer72 in Business
The terms cross-sell and up-sell both refer to processes used by businesses to increase their profits from sales of products and services. Both sales processes seek to enhance the value provided to consumers by matching buyers with products they need. Cross-selling and up-selling both have their benefits and drawbacks, and businesses will usually combine up-selling and cross-selling to maximum the

How to Sell a House Fast Without a Realtor -- 5 Creative Ways to Sell Your House
by Olympian Last in Personal Finance
In a tough economy, it can be very difficult for homeowners to make a profit when selling a house. Home prices slump and there are many choices for potential buyers, which means that you need to find ways to set your house apart from competitors. There are many tips and tools you can use to sell your home quickly -- all without having to pay a Realtor commission.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions

Magento - Search not working, Cross-Sell, New Products on Home Page, Up-Sell, Related Products Not working
by Jan D in Programming Languages


I’ve recently changed some php code in header.phtml to align my navigation titles so the wording appears on top of each other.
After I did this I also changed the organization of the categories within the back end under Catalog > Category Management. none of the Cross-Sells, Up-Sells, Related products or New Products on the Home Page are showing up along with

Sell Vs. Sell Short
by surfsatwerk in Personal Finance
Selling a stock and selling a stock short are two very different actions. Investors sell stocks they own for many reasons, including fear, taking profit or just to raise cash for other needs. A person who sells a stock short on the other hand, sells stock he doesn't actually own for the purpose of profiting from a potential future price decline. Short sellers sell borrowed stock shares and they ar
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How to Sell Koi
by DeathReborn in Pets
Koi are the brightly colored, domesticated variety of the common carp. Their florid designs and subtle coloration have made the fish ornamental prizes in Japan, China and, increasingly, around the world. If you want to join in the thriving koi market follow these steps to sell koi.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Set your goals. The koi market is as highly articulated and segmented
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How to Sell a Car in VA
by Octopuss in Personal Finance
In Virginia, selling a car is a fairly painless three-step process --- sign, transfer and inform. The buyer of the car is the party who has the most work to do in getting it registered in his name. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office has a clear selling procedure for citizens to follow to ensure a smooth transaction.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Sign the back of your car title.
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