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MBA Seminar Topics
by Vietnam in Education
Most MBA students have a concentration area, such as entrepreneurship, marketing, finance and management. MBA students are required to take a range of seminars across specializations so that they have a good general understanding of business administration. Become familiar with the topics that are dealt with in seminars in all or many of the different specializations available to MBAs. Leadersh
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How to Give a Self-Help Seminar
by Dan Ingraham in Careers & Job Searching
Self-help seminars are designed to make people feel empowered to improve their lives. These productions provide the tools and motivation to overcome obstacles and set and reach goals. A good self-help seminar provides solutions to issues such as career advancement, improving finances and increasing social connections. Providing valuable, easy-to-implement information helps ensure that you are meet

How to Perfect Your Seminar
by snapshooter in Education
Seminars are normally delivered to provide information on a topic. They may be held at academic institutions or provided by professional organizations. Universities often use seminars to present the latest research performed by professors, while businesses host or pay other professionals to host seminars for training purposes. Some experts also earn a living charging fees for seminars they hold. P

How to Communicate in a Seminar
by GarlicBreath in Education
The seminar format is based on the idea of the Socratic dialogue. The Greek philosopher Socrates (469 to 399 BC) was one the founding fathers of the Western philosophical tradition. The point of a Socratic dialogue is to address a topic or subject from multiple points of view in order to arrive at the truth about the matter. Individual perspectives are always one-sided and limited. Engaging in the

How to Run a Workshop or Seminar
by SeaSerpent in Careers & Job Searching
A good seminar can bring you more money and clients. Creating a valuable workshop that speaks to your participants is your goal. Accomplishing this involves understanding what appeals to your audience and delivering the program effectively.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Decide on a compelling topic. Understand your area of expertise and do your market research. Poll the sphere
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Web Seminar Training
by Niels Kloster in Internet
Web seminar training is an instruction method dating back to 1997 using the World Wide Web. Employers prefer web seminar training because it is cost-effective. Employees access web seminar training to learn new job skills and improve performance. Customers download web based training for business information. Students use web seminar education for flexibility. HistoryWeb seminar training is kno
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How to Have a Relationship Seminar
by Rob Northen in Relationships & Family
Relationships are tough, but that does not mean men and women cannot make it easier by seeking out quality advice and tips. A relationship seminar may provide couples or other interested individuals the opportunity to get the opinions of others and voice their own thoughts on what it takes to make a relationship work. If you want to host a relationship seminar, you will need to plan the discussion

How to Publicize a Seminar
by andystacy in Careers & Job Searching
Hosting a seminar means more than booking a speaker and choosing menu items for meals. Publicizing the seminar may be the most challenging part of the planning process; without attendees, the event may fail. Creating an effective marketing strategy is crucial and it takes persistence and hard work. With follow-through and the right plan of action, it is likely that you will get the word out and en

How to Set Up a Socratic Seminar
by Keeper in Education
Socratic seminars are based upon the Socratic method developed by the Greek philosopher Socrates (469-399 B.C.). The Socratic method is essentially a dialogue between at least two people, or a group of people, in which a topic is discussed from multiple points of view. The truth about an issue or topic is arrived at by engaging in the give and take of dialogue. The Socratic method is an ideal tool
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How to Have a Motivational Seminar
by CraKaJaX in Business
A motivational seminar is a presentation led by a motivational speaker who inspires the seminar attendees to get encouraged about their careers and their life. Having your own motivational seminar requires organizing resources you will need for a presentation and publicizing the event. If you are beginning a career in motivational speaking, or if you are hosting a motivational seminar, organizatio

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