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How to implement facebook send, twitter share, send sms, send email in my phonegap android application?
by licensing in Android

As i am using HTML based phonegap framework, i need a plugin to implement this. when i searched over google, i got two revelent searches.


a. In the above twitter functionality is not implemented.

b. There is a typo in the above facebook share code

How to make nagios not send messages during the night and morning to send all the remaining errors
by MeldarthX in Development Tools & Services

I have Nagios checking service status and sending SMS messages about service status.

Some problems are not important at night and prefer to not send them at night.

define timeperiod{
timeperiod_name non_work
alias Non work hours
sunday 00:00-24:00
monday 00:00-09:00,18:00-24:00
tuesday 00:00-09:00,18:00-

Android Intent ACTION.SEND — can't send text to Twitter or Facebook
by wcf in Programming Languages

I am having trouble when I try to pass a text string from within an EditText to either Facebook or Twitter via an intent. In fact, the only option which works currently is email.
The code I am using is below:

Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_SEND);
intent.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_TEXT, textVariable.getText());

IRC msg to send to server to send a “whisper” message to a user in channel
by CyberGreg in Programming Languages

I'm writing up an IRC bot from scratch in Python and it's coming along fine.

One thing I can't seem to track down is how to get the bot to send a message to a user that is private (only viewable to them) but within a channel and not a separate PM/conversation.

I know that it must be there somewhere but I can't find it in the docs.

I don't need the full functi

If I send a WM_KEYDOWN message (using wndproc) will the computer hold the key down until I send WM_KEYUP?
by zuz in Operating Systems

I am looking for a solution to programmatically hold a keyboard key down during some time (I don't know how many time).

I think that if I send a WM_KEYDOWN message the key will be held down until WM_KEYUP is send, but I am not sure.

I would test it. But I need to go and I don't have much time. I want to see if someone already tested this.

Here is an other qu

How does the default browser on Android send “SEND” intents?
by FodderMK in Android

I'd like to enable a "silent send" from my application-- that is, I'd like to catch the SEND intent in a Service, not an Activity. How does the default Android web browser send that intent? Is it possible to handle it in a Service, or in an Activity that never sets a View?

Facebook Send Button - How to retrieve if user press Send or Cancel
by Copter in Development Tools & Services

You can see my problem at http://autopecaseservicos.com/prestashopv1473/en/quick-order .

You must add one product to the cart and then proceed to checkout. I have the problem in checkout page.

I want to display a message to client after sending the message, and if possible another one if have no send the message.

How can i achieve this?

Thanks to

Outlook send mail dialog won't send email if mapi calling app has been closed[SimpleMapi]
by Brian O'Neill in Programming Languages

If I close an app that has called MAPISendMail and try to send email some kind of general error is displayed "The operation has failed".

Enable troubleshooting logging is ticked but there's still no data on this error. Application events are also clueless.

Any workarounds? Except calling it in another hidden process?

Example code: http://pastebi

How can I send array to stored procedure? What is the best data format if I send it from JS?
by shortylickens in Web Design

How can I send array to stored procedure?
I want send it from JS to stored procedure. And what is the best data format for this task?

how to send a multipart post (to send images) as a soap packet?
by Anubis in Programming Languages

I want to upload images to some server using multipart post request.
I am using PHP/cURL to send soap request envelopes

Any help would be very appreciated.


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