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Different results sending strings directly to macro vs sending it from array
by dummyadresse in Programming Languages

I think there's something basic that I'm not understanding(new to C) regarding strings. Basically I am using uthash and it works when I send strings directly but not from a loop(thats getting its data from an array).

Here's an example:

enum { MAX_ID_LEN = 5 };
struct my_struct {
char id[MAX_ID_LEN]; /* key */
float price;

APNS not sending response nor sending push notification
by Mexico in Programming Languages

Apple's docs say that

"If you send a notification and APNs finds the notification malformed or otherwise unintelligible, it returns an error-response packet prior to disconnecting. (If there is no error, APNs doesn’t return anything.) Figure 5-3 depicts the format of the error-response packet."


which leads me to believe that the only reason that APNS

Form submitting with jQuery and sending with PHP.. Can't work out why its not sending
by Demo24 in PHP

Console is not showing any errors, neither is Firebug so I'm at a loss as to why this isn't working.. Appreciate some guidance!

My form:

<form action="" method="post" id="sendEmail">
<div class="alignleft">
<p><label for="order_ref">Photo ID:</label><input type="text" name="order_ref" id="order_ref" class="tex

Android Repeatedly sending position sending via TCP
by BooTeK in Programming Languages

How do I make an android app that once every second or so sends the position and an ID (can be chosen in the app). Ive found several scripts that can get the gps position and I've found a script that sends the data. But I haven't found a working solution that does it once every second.

Help is more that appreciated!

package com.example.usegpspos;
import android.

How can I avoid sending duplicate emails when I commit the “email sent” action after sending the email?
by clamum in Databases

When a user signs up on my website I create a user record in the database with email_sent = 'NO'. I then have a cron job that sends welcome emails every few minutes. It selects all user records where email_sent = 'NO' and sends the welcome email.

If the email is sent successfully it then updates the user record to email_sent='YES'. My question is, how can I avoid the scenario whe

Adding dealy in sending each mail useing phpmail function while sending mail to 1000 users
by beefjerky911 in PHP

I want to add a delay of about 30 to 60 seconds between sending of each email to users with phpmail() function. I am taking users email data from table and using while loop and there are about 1000 users in database table. I want that there should be a delay in repeating the statement of this while loop, so that every email is sent to next user after that particular user. I am using the the fol

Rails - Beginner. Sending JSON to Rails, updating it and sending back new JSON
by algoRhythm99 in Programming Languages

I have Rails application that needs to retrieve data from a SOAP server outside of my control. It retrieves a list of users with statistics attached to them and returns the data as JSON.

Once that data is retrieved, I need to combine it with data retrieved from my Rails app database.

Once I have the JSON from the SOAP server in hand, I send it up to a Rails controller s

In-app sms sending in as3
by Matt in Programming Languages

How to send sms within an iphone and android app using as3. I found this code while googling:

var callURL:String="sms:0-123-456-7890";
var targetURL:URLRequest = new URLRequest(callURL);

Its working, but it is navigating the app to sms window controller. Can it be done without opening the sms controller window. Is there any

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GCM sending with curl (php)
by Tom D in Programming Languages

I'm trying to send a message to an Android phone but keep getting response code 401 with text: Unauthorized. Also I keep reading different stories on what key to use, I know of 3 keys: the project ID (number), the Key for server apps and the Key for browser apps. So I have tryed them all 3, all with the same result.

My code:

$headers = array("Content-Type" => "appl
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asp.net sending data
by eataix in Programming Languages

How do you send data from an ASP.NET web application to a windows form application?? How do you establish the connection? I looked up webrequest/webresponse/post but i think thats only if you want to communicate between 2 asp.net web applications.

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