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How to transform a sequence of elements representing 1…n sections to a sequence of pairs/tuples?
by Henschkowski in Programming Languages

I have some LINQ code that extracts bookmarks from PDFs that match a certain naming convention (using Aspose.Pdf):

IOrderedEnumerable<Bookmark> magicBookmarks = (
from bookmark in allBookmarks.AsEnumerable()
where bookmark.Title.StartsWith(MAGIC_PHRASE)
// ... other criteria
orderby bookmark.PageNumber ascending
select bo

How To Turn a Reduce-Realized Sequence Back Into Lazy Vector Sequence
by daveybrat in Development Tools & Services

When I run a 221 line .csv file -- parsed with clojure-csv -- into this function

(defn test-key-inclusion
"Accepts csv-data param and an index, a second csv-data param and an index,
and searches the second csv-data instances' rows (at index) to see if
the first file's data is located in the second csv-data instance."
[csv-data1 pkey-idx1 csv

How to list an image sequence in an efficient way? Numercial sequence comparison in Python
by Mark W in Programming Languages

I have a directory of 9 images:

image_0001, image_0002, image_0003
image_0010, image_0011
image_0011-1, image_0011-2, image_0011-3

I would like to be able to list them in an efficient way, like this (4 entries for 9 images):

(image_000[1-3], image_00[10-11], image_0011-[1-3], image_9999)

Is there a way in python, to return a directory

How to generate a predictable shuffling of a sequence without generating the whole sequence in advance?
by JoeKaras in Programming Languages

The following python code describes exactly what I want to achieve for a sequence of arbitrary size (population):

import random
fixed_seed = 1 #generate the same sequence every time with a fixed seed
population = 1000
sample_count = 5 #demonstration number
num_retries = 3 #just enough to show the repeatable behaviour
for trynum in xrange(num_retries):
Can clojure convert string representing a sequence back to a sequence?
by Ben Kohn in Development Tools & Services

I can convert a string to a sequence, and then convert that sequence to a string representing the sequence.

user=> (str (first (list (seq "(xy)z"))))
"(( x y ) z)"

I can also insert apply into the above form to get the original string back

user=> (apply str (first (list (seq "(xy)z"))))

but is there

Intermixed sequence of Push and pop operations why is this sequence not possilbe
by FriendL in Programming Languages

Hi everyone I'm studying for a final and I cant figure this question out:

Suppose that a client performs an intermixed sequence of stack push and pop operations. The push operations push the integers 0 through 9 in order on to the stack; the pop operations print out the return value. Which of the following sequences could not occur?

(a) 4 3 2 1 0 9 8 7 6 5

create a random sequence, skip to any part of the sequence
by Trevor Cortez in Coding

In Linux. There is an srand() function, where you supply a seed and it will guarantee the same sequence of pseudorandom numbers in subsequent calls to the random() function afterwards.

Lets say, I want to store this pseudo random sequence by remembering this seed value.

Furthermore, let's say I want the 100 thousandth number in this pseudo random sequence later.

Hibernate use of PostgreSQL sequence does not affect sequence table
by PatrickSimonHenk in Programming Languages

I've configured Hibernate to use PostgreSQL sequence (via annotations) to generate values for primary key id column as follows:

@Column(name="id", unique=true, nullable=false)
public int getId() {
return th

Insert all into select sequence.nextval, sequence not allowed?
by Calve Martin in Programming Languages

I'm trying to copy data from a table to 3 tables.

I need to input sequence values to 1 or more tables.
But I got an error, "sequence number not allowed here"

Here is my sql.


how to create a sequence without using mapping variables and sequence generator?
by eroi in Web Design

I had a scenario where i have to generate a sequence without using sequence transformation

i can do the same using mapping variables like using the setcountvariable() option it works but is there any other solution for the same.


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