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Extjs chart with multuple series: 2d series with values higher that 1st series?
Category : Programming Languages

When I use chart with two series and the second one with values higher than first one (y), the extjs always take the y values from first series How can I fix this without switching between series?

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plotting multiple time series, with single date series and with py_date()
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to create a matplotlib plot with dates on the X axis. I have managed to plot a single time series using py_date.

However, I want to plot more than a single time series for the same set of dates. My data looks something like this:

Date (X) Y1 Y2
20010101 101 99.2
20010102 123 45.2
20010103 104 99.0

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display different color for one series in acharengine, changing colors of one series in bar graph
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to use the acharengine and create a bar graph. The graph is to display durations of builds. ranging from 10s to 50s, and some builds succeeded and some failed, i want to change colors of the failed ones to red and succeeded one red.
I separated the data into 2 separate array but they are not displaying in order.

there is always going to be one green bar and one red

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.net chart control: retain series colors when adding and removing other series?
Category : Programming Languages

When adding and removing series from a .net chart control (line chart), how can I retain the existing series colors?

Currently, when I add several series to a chart, they all get colors assigned automatically from the chart palette. But if I then remove the first series, the colors of all of the subsequent series get reset according to the order in the chart palette. Is there any

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Binding update adds news series to WPF Toolkit chart (instead of replacing/updating series)
Category : Development Tools & Services

I'm currently recoding a bar chart in my app to make use of the Chart class in the WPF Toolkit. Using MVVM, I'm binding the ItemsSource of a ColumnSeries in my chart to a property on my viewmodel. Here's the relevant XAML:

<charting:ColumnSeries ItemsSource="{Binding ScoreDistribution.ClassScores}"

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Extjs Charts: remove as series using chart.series.getAt(0) how?
Category : Programming Languages

Hello how can I remove a series from a chart, I know that I can get the series object using getAt(0) or getAt(1) depending on how many serieses I got in my chart.
my question is how can I remove a series from the chart.
main reason is that I give the end user the ability to change the series type: bar, line... so I wan to display the new change at run time by removing the series and a

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Given a RNG algorithm and a series of numbers is it possible to determine what seed would produce the series?
Category : Coding

The code is in Objective C but it should be understandable if you look it over even if you don't know Objective C. Basically its a RNG object, you instantiate a new instance, set the seed if you want and start grabbing random numbers.

So is it possible to backtrack a given series of numbers to determine the seed used to generate the numbers? I'm guessing any given algorithm can't ge

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Copy a Series of Single Files from a Series of ZIP Archives with VBScript
Category : Programming Languages

I need to copy word/document.xml from a series of identical zip archives (ex .docx's) and put them all in a folder together after renaming them from document.xml to originial_filename.xml to avoid overwriting. I can copy one without issue, but when I run the loop, the files start getting permission errors because CopyHere is running at a different pace than my script. I believe I can make this

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Excel - Getting a series in a chart to have different colours for each series item
Category : Programming Languages

I use Excel 2007.

I have 10 items:

Col1, Col2
One, 1
Two, 7
Three, 45
Four, 2


When I make a bar chart the series is one colour, so each bar in the chart is the same colour. I would liek each bar in the chart to have a different colour, gradient or random..

I can do it bu switching the labels to be a

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How do I create a chart with multiple series using different X values for each series?
Category : Programming Languages

I want to draw several graphs and combine them into one figure. I will explain the problem in an example. Let's say that I want to draw two graphs with these points:

Graph #1 (X and Y are defining a coordinate).

X - Y
1 - 5
2 - 5
5 - 7
9 - 10

Graph #2

X - Y
6 - 8
8 - 12
9 - 7<

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