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Hibernate “no session or session was closed” even with Session bound in Transactional method
by dawp in Programming Languages

I am using Spring 3.0.5, Hibernate 3.6.7 and Vaadin.

I have a simple entity that is like this

public class Foo {
@OneToMany(fetch = FetchType.LAZY)
private Collection<Bar> bars;

I have a Dialog Window that I get from the context and its supposed to show the 'bars' from 'foo'.

How session works? Where to save the session value? How to increase session life time?
by bmg in Programming Languages

How session works? Where to save the session value? How to increase session life time?

Modify session cookie expiry and session timeout for a CakePHP session
by chardin in Programming Languages

I'm struggling to accomplish the following:
Alter the user's session cookie expiry date based on the user's type.

I have a CakePHP web application wherein I have created my authentication component (instead of CakePHP's Auth) using CakePHP sessions. I've configured CakePHP to handle sessions using the database.

Here are the relevant configuration settings that I ha

MVC optimization for Session.Clear(), Session.Abandon(), Session.RemoveAll()?
by daveybrat in Programming Languages

I am using a few sessions that should be terminated when the user is done. I stumbled on these 3 session killers. When is the best time to use these as I use sessions more time than not. Also, is there any other session termination I am not aware of?

Is changing Session Id the best solution for Session Fixation and why does changing Session ID raises Session_End event?
by Skipholiday in Programming Languages

During security vulnerability test, our client requested the application to change session ID specifically ASP.NET_SessionID cookie value after users successfully log into the system. This could probably solve session fixation how ever session_end event will be raised when Session Id got changed and that causes to restart the session(the system) which will again redirects to login page. Is ther

Pros and Cons of Sticky Session / Session Affinity load blancing strategy?
by XLNC in Web Design

One approach to high scalability is to use network load balancing to split processing load between several servers.

One challenge that this approach presents is where servers are state aware - storing user state in a "session".

One solution to this problem is "sticky session" (aka "session affinity") where each user is assigned to a single server and his/her state data

Jquery .post used to store php session variable. How to avoid refresh to call session value
by bps in PHP

I am using jquery's .post ajax call to pull an form input value and pass it to a php file that starts a session and stores the value in it. The session value is then called on a different page.

The problem is, this all takes place without a page refresh, so the session value is always one page refresh behind. I.E. the first time the session value is called it is blank, but after ref

ASP.NET: store class properties in session and use of session handler — is it good design?
by zokudu in Programming Languages

I have a class called EditMapUtilities.

Here are some class properties that I want to persist:

public class EditMapUtlities
public static Boolean isInitialEditMapPageLoad
get { return SessionHandler.isInitialEditMapPageLoad; }
set { SessionHandler.isInitialEditMapPageLoad = value; }

Apache Tomcat restart causes session clear in Java and session persist on a JSP page
by vi edit in Java

I have written a jsp redirect in my jsp page like this

<s:if test="#session.Doctor = true ">
<script type="text/javascript">
top.location.href = "dashboard";
<s:property value="#session.Doctor" />

The tag prints true in my jsp page when I restart Tomca

How can I Disable session files from being created in “_private/session” directory?
by CodeOfficer in Programming Languages

My site has a "_private/session" folder which seems to be creating a file for each session and then keeping the file causing my hosting plan to be in violation due to more than 1,024 inodes.

The site is being hosted on GoDaddy... I know what you're going to say... don't host on GoDaddy. However, I would appreciate help and constructive input.

The limit is 1,024 inodes

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