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PHP Sessions Security: Storing sessions in DB vs. Changing sessions save path?
by redha in Programming Languages

I am trying to create a more secure PHP sessions login script. Unfortunately for this project I will be working with shared hosting. Would using PHP's session_save_path() function to change the path to something other than /tmp be a secure solution? Or do I need to save the sessions in the database?


Difference between JSP/ASP session object Sessions & website User Account Sessions? Are they different?
by Luciano Campos in Programming Languages

I was revising the concept of Session Objects in JSP & ASP.Net.
I was confused, 'when an actual Session Object is created?'
Until recently I thought it was created when a user logs into his account, But now I read in the books that its implicitly created when the user visits any page on your site.

So when is it actually created? And are JSP sessions different from Web

Gracefully terminate WCF Service - complete all open sessions and restrict new sessions
by ThF in Web Design

I have a WCF Service that I have written, which is hosted within a Windows service. It is operating in PerSession mode. The service permits clients to open files, make changes to files and close files remotely through the service. So far all works very smoothly.

When the Windows service is stopped, I would like to be able have the WCF Service not accept any new sessions and yet allo

How do I deal with users clearing sessions when I use sessions to restrict access to pages?
by kanda in Programming Languages

I have a page that I restrict access to by checking if a certain session variable is set. But then again, users can clear that session variable and now have access to the page.

What can I do to prevent this? I am using php

Daemon accessible via TCP to keep SSH sessions open, create new sessions and send commands
by tl1000sv in Programming Languages

I am currently designing some SSH control software to send commands to groups of servers. The front-end is written in PHP and I am currently using the Net_SSH2 PHP extension. This proves to be problematic when I attempt to execute multiple commands at once, or request the output of a command over SSH from a server with more than 150ms latency (takes several seconds to receive output)
Is ther

local php.ini sessions.save_path issue - sessions not recognised
by Flapdrol1337 in PHP

I have a client who is running a user management script. The host provider had blocked allow_url_fopen but is using suPHP so we created a local copy of php.ini with allow_url_fopen set to "on".

The only problem now is that you can no longer login to using the script - it says 'success logging you in' - then logs you right out (because the sessions are either not getting created or a

In what scenarios is it better to use tables for user sessions rather than native sessions?
by bdurbin in Programming Languages

That's about all that I need to ask

I am dealing with a site right now and I can't see a really significant difference in storing my sessions in a database table over and not doing so.

ColdFusion sessions vs J2EE sessions
by ShiggityShaw in Programming Languages

Are there any benefits to ColdFusion sessions vs J2EE sessions?

The ColdFusion session documentation mentions the benefits of J2EE sessions, but not any advantages of ColdFusion sessions. J2EE sessions have been available since ColdFusion MX (released in 2002), but there are still a lot of people using standard ColdFusion sessions. Are there any disadvantages of J2EE sessions tha

gae-sessions: semantics of retrieving sessions by ID
by ertuzio in Development Tools & Services
session = get_current_session()
a1 = session.has_key('account.logged') # is true
session2 = Session(sid=session.sid)
a2 = session2.has_key('account.logged') # is false

why a2 is not equal to a1?

solution: it must be saved to datastore:
gae-sessions: How to get current session with with only the SID?

php sessions and determining if x value has been selected via sessions
by bash in Programming Languages

Problem, I want to use sessions, but I am having issues with implementing sessions from my $food array such that if the user has selected a Pizza, I don't offer him or her a sandwich, likewise if the user selects a Sandwitch, I don't offer the user a Pizza.

I also want to know if the user has already selected a Pizza or Sandwich.

$food = array("Pizza" => $_PO

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