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Flex: Why does setting scaleX/Y in mxml effect the components size but setting it in actionscript does not?
by XLNC in Programming Languages

I'm playing around with the scaleX/Y in the canvas tag and have noticed some strange behaviour. When I set scale in in mxml the width and height of the canvas are adjusted accordingly. For example if I have a canvas like this:

<mx:Canvas width="1000" height="1000" scaleX="0.1" scaleY="0.1" />

The canvas now appears on screen to have a width and height

Is setting image dimensions with CSS as “good” as setting them in HTML?
by jaset in Web Design

When I was first learning HTML a very long time ago, I was told that it was important to always set the dimensions of your images in your HTML, so that browsers could draw an empty box where the image should go, render your page, and then download and render the images where they belong. If you didn't set width and height values for your images, the browser would have to download the images fir

Does setting setting movieclip.visible = true each frame use any extra resources?
by luv2liv in Programming Languages

If something is visible, does calling

movieclipname.visible = true;

each frame do anything performance wise?

Is just setting a value faster than the checking of existance and only setting if doesn't exist - like in this Android / Java code?
by Denis Chaykovskiy in Java


That code is run each time, when the listAdapter requests a new row:

if (textViewTitle != null)


if (textViewTitle != null
&& textViewTitle.getTypeface() != null
&& textViewTitle.getType

PDFBox - Setting or Retaining Font Size while Setting a Field Value
by YoNGaR in Programming Languages

I am using PDTextbox's setValue and setReadOnly to set a form field value. The field is defined using a bar code font. The modified PDF changes the font size to match the height of the field box and this scaling makes the bar code unreadable by a bar code reader. Using the Enfocus PDF Browser I see that the field's normal appearance data stream (field->AP->N->"--data--") shows "/3of9Barcode

How to add custom setting preference in device's setting app in Android
by BofRA in Android

I am developing an Bluetooth based application and want to set some preferences in device's system setting app. The same way when user install a new input keyboard apk and its settings automatically appears in Language and Input option of device's setting app.

Similarly I want to add some preferences when user installs my app and Bluetooth settings of Settings app should get updated

Listpicker goes blank after setting setting selected index
by Gerhard Miller in Programming Languages

I have listpicker control in my wp7 app. And I want To Set Selected Index as per my needs. Lets Suppose I Have 100 items in my listpicker If I Set The selected index below 40 it goes well. But When I set Selected index above 50 it goes blank and UI not refreshed but on backend it shows correct item.

Sample Project : http://yaariyan.net/Test_Project.rar

In this project y

Difference between setting `scrollTop` directly and setting it with `$.animate`
by Darren Torpey in Development Tools & Services

In a mousewheel event handler, I changed a statement that updates a element's scrollTop:

- list.scrollTop(newScrollTop);
+ list.animate({
+ scrollTop: newScrollTop
+ }, 80);

I added this animate to make the list scroll smoothly, and it works on Chrome like the original stat

How is the Eclipse JDK setting affecting the system's JDK setting
by jazzyfox in Programming Languages

I was trying to compile a Grails application referencing third party JARs on Mac OSX. Although my system's JRE and JDK is set to Java 1.6 I always got a Compilation error: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file
when accessing classes in the JAR. Also when testing an existing Grails app the default stats of the app where showing that it's runn

ASP.NET setting a javascript, jQuery setting from my code behind
by seigel in Javascript

I would like to set a value:

upload_url: "uploadResume.aspx",
file_post_name: 'uploadfile',
post_params : {"session_guid" : [HERE]}

...where [HERE] is the placeholder for my value, from my code behind in ASP.NET before the page is rendered. I generate a guid, and I need that


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