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Is it possible to process a FBO's color attachement (texture) using a fragment/pixel shader without vertex shader?
by okhomenko in Programming Languages

Im currently playing around with some terrain-generation stuff using OpenGL ES 2.0 on iOS devices. I have a texture and a heightmap. What I want to do is blur the terrain's texture using a fragment shader, but not on every draw call (just on demand and at the beginning). This is why I decided to process the blurring offscreen inside a FBO and then attach this FBO as a texture to the terrain. No

LWJGL GLSL Shader validity check always fails, though shader works fine
by Dirigible in Programming Languages

I have a function that checks whether or not the vertex/fragment shared was compiled successfully and is valid to use within LWJGL

public static boolean isShaderValid(int shaderToCheck) {
IntBuffer iVal = BufferUtils.createIntBuffer(1);
glGetObjectParameterARB(shaderToCheck, GL_OBJECT_INFO_LOG_LENGTH_ARB, iVal);
int length = iVal.get();

GLSL: Move transformation from tessellation-evaluation shader to vertex shader
by stargazr in Coding

I am working in glsl with tessellation-shaders and I am trying to do displacement mapping. It's working, but I want to move the matrix-transformation-code from the tessellation evaluation shader to the vertex shader. Why I want to have this in the vertex-shader is because I do not want to do this calculation
for every sub triangles vertices, and I want the vertices to be in screenspace in

OpenGL ES (2.0) Shading Language: How to input boolean into vertex shader and pass to fragment shader?
by Mansur in Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to pass a boolean into my vertex shader for the first time; I've only been using floats until now.

The boolean in question is primitive-specific so cannot be passed as a uniform. However it has the same value for all vertices of any given primitive.

It seems from the Khronos spec that 'varying' is the only way to pass data into the fragment shader, but unsurpr

Python Module 'shader': from shader import ShaderProgram, ShaderCode
by Skipholiday in Programming Languages

I'm trying to run a python application from source, and it has:

from shader import ShaderProgram,ShaderCode

I don't know what to download + install to get 'shader'. It's pretty unspecific and can't find the answer anywhere, anyone know what module this is?

This is a python / pyqt application.

Does the input texture to a fragment shader change as the shader runs?
by tanminivan in Operating Systems

I'm trying to implement the Atkinson dithering algorithm in a fragment shader in GLSL using our own Brad Larson's GPUImage framework. (This might be one of those things that is impossible but I don't know enough to determine that yet so I'm just going ahead and doing it anyway.)

The Atkinson algo dithers grayscale images into pure black and white as seen on the original Macintosh. B

Output of vertex shader 'colorVarying' not read by fragment shader
by chintown in Operating Systems

As is shown below, the error is very strange. I use OpenGLES 2.0 and shader in my iPad program, but it seems something goes wrong with the code or project configuration. The model is drawn with no color at all (black color).

2012-12-01 14:21:56.707 medicare[6414:14303] Program link log:
WARNING: Could not find vertex shader attribute 'color' to match BindAttributeLocation re

Pass an array from HLSL vertex shader to pixel shader
by NeoTubNinja in Web Design

I have a bunch of parameters that are output from the vertex shader, and I want to pass them to the pixel shader.

The normal way to do this is to declare an output structure

struct vOut
float4 param0 : TEXCOORD0 ;
float4 param1 : TEXCOORD1 ;
} ;

So you have to write a separate variable and put each in a texture coordi

libGDX: how to tell if shader log refers to frag or vert shader error
by Lathentar in Programming Languages

after compiling a ShaderProgram if it doesn't compile I print the log
however I can't find a way to tell if the error is in the fragment or vertex shader

here I put an error in the frag shader

0:1(1): error: syntax error, unexpected NEW_IDENTIFIER

this error is in the vert shader

0:1(1): error: syntax error, unexpected NEW_IDEN

Can DirectX11 Dynamic Shader Linkage be used without Shader Reflections?
by chr6 in Web Design

I tried to implement dynamic shader linkage from what I saw in the DirectX11 SDK,but they are using the Effects11 framework and shader reflections.I'm trying to get a cleaner more low-level implementation.For instance - for constants buffer instead of using reflections,I just set a struct.I couldn't find anywhere a clean tutorial on how to implement the dynamic shader linkage in DirectX,everyon

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