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How do I start ios shape animations at different times based on the position of another shape that is already moving
by PeterYunZhang in Programming Languages

I'm trying to do the following animation for my iPhone App. My current thoughts are to inherit from CAShapeLayer and build up a shape that has the 3 components for the animation. I.e. the yellow rectangle, the green line and the red pointer. I have a basic animation working where I animate the yellow box, but now I'm wondering how to do I start the red pointer's animation at the right time.

OpenCV - detecting a shape in a shape collection (e.g. human in a group of humans)
by Bong Munoz in Development Tools & Services

I am performing blob extraction from video and using the blob's aspect ratio to classify into humans or vehicles. Works pretty well since vehicles and humans have quite differentiated aspect ratios.

However this logic breaks down when a group of humans - say mother & child holding hands, or a group walking closely, come by and the blob detection is one single blob.

Distinguish between leaving shape and entering overlapping shape (KineticJS)
by mhedberg in Web Design

I imagine this would be a pretty common issue I am having. I have one small shape on top of a larger shape. When I enter the large shape, it gets registered as a mouseenter/mouseover. But when I enter the small shape, the large shape registers a mouseleave/mouseout. This would be like if I went to the bathroom at LAX and airport personnel dem

PHP crop image in shape other than square like oval shape or round
by Tridnewly in Programming Languages

I want to crop images in PHP. Cropping in rectangular shape is all common and easy to do.
Can you guide me that how i can crop image in shape other than square like in oval or round shape.

What Type of Body Shape & Tail Shape Do the Triggerfish & Hawkfish Have?
by DSLer in Pets
Triggerfish and hawkfish are tropical fish with very different body structures. While triggerfish inhabit tropical and sub-tropical oceans such as the Atlantic, Mediterranean and the Indo-Pacific, with a larger concentration in the latter, the hawkfish is found only in the tropical oceans, in the coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific and the western and eastern Atlantic. Triggerfish AnatomyA queen t

Drawing a shape but keeping the most previous shape on screen in java
by Murali Ravipudi in Java

I've created a function to where I can click somewhere in a Jpanel and it draws a shape at the position where the mouse clicked. The problem I am having is when I click in a new position, it moves the shape and redraws it. I would like the previous shape to "Burn" into the screen and stay there. It doesn't have to have any data tied to it, I just want the image of the shape to show where it use

How to Shape a Japanese Blueberry Shrub Into a Tree Shape
by fukas78 in Home & Garden
The Japanese blueberry shrub is an attractive evergreen. Its green, glossy leaves turn bright red in the autumn and will drop off, but new leaves will immediately grow in; new leaves are usually bronze-colored. Japanese blueberry shrubs display creamy-white, bell-shaped flowers in the spring, and landscapers praise its blue-black berries for not staining sidewalks. Different varieties of Japanese

Python: What does .shape[] do in “for i in range(Y.shape[0])”?
by Colorado in Programming Languages

I'm trying to break down a program line by line. Y is a matrix of data but I can't find any concrete data on what .shape[0] does exactly.

for i in range(Y.shape[0]):
if (Y[i] == -1:

This program uses numpy, scipy,matplotlib.pyplot, and cvxopt.

Excel vba Change shape formula without selecting shape
by Europe in Programming Languages

I'm trying to change the formula within a shape without selecting it but keep getting a run-time error.

Below are some of the code I've tried so far:

Sheets("Quote").Shapes.Range(Array("Rectangle 87")).Formula = " =CommAnnualOutput"
Sheets("Quote").Shapes("Rectangle 87").Formula = " =CommAnnualOutput"
Sheets("Quote").Shapes("Rectangle 87").Drawi

numpy append_field gives shape error for new field with 2d shape
by goffi in Programming Languages

I have a structured numpy array, I want to use the recfunctions library
function append_fields() or rec_append_fields() to append a field with some
shape to it. However, I get an error:

ValueError: operands could not be broadcast together with shapes (10) (10,3)

where 10 is

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