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Cannot Copy a file from a network share in powershell until I open the share in windows explorer
Category : Network & Servers

I have a very simple powershell script which to copy files from a networked server.

here's the script

Write-Output "Copying Backups"
copy sqlboxSqlBackupsClient.bak c:sqlbackups

It throws this exception

Invalid Path: 'sqlboxSqlBackupsClient.bak'.
At C:Workdb
estore.ps1:5 char:1
+ copy sqlboxSqlBackupsClient.bak c

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Change the custom text ( Comment · Like· Share) when posted on profile page using facebook share functionality
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have a facebook iframe application with share functionality. Currently when i share something its showing the custom text Comment · Like· Share when posted on profile page.

I want to give customized text like view result etc.

How can i achieve this please guide me ?

I am using the code

<script>function fbs_click() {u='<?php echo

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facebook api showing weird “Platform Story Share” when clicking share on a feed
Category : Web Design

i'm using the javascript sdk to show the FB dialog to post a feed on the user's wall. this gets posted to the wall fine, but when you click the "share" link in the feed on the wall the "share this story" dialog just displays "Platform Story Share"

i get this even when using the example code from the FB api documentation.

anyone got any ideas why this happening? or alter

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Architectue of a huge application. To share or not to share code between modules
Category : Development Tools & Services

A huge application, new modules are added every few months, 5-10 programmers.
Some modules access the same tables, some modules use (currently) the same queries.
My question, would it be smarter to make each module a 100% stand alone application, with it's own DAL classes and BL classes (library classes, ZF, are shared, ofcourse), or should all the modules use the same resources (classes)

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I share a link, people reshare it, will it accuse on share count?
Category : Development Tools & Services

imagine that I have posted a link, and my friends have re-shared it from my wall 100 times. will that accuse on the total_count in link_stat database by FQL?
and how to get how many times a facebook-photo/video was shared on facebook? number of likes for a photo/video?

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Google share button, is it possible to share content from one URL and link back to another?
Category : Development Tools & Services

Example an online learning application that you want to share your results which are behind a logged in part of your site. So you add a public URL to your site for google to fetch the content (img, description, title):

But then when someone views the post and sees the shared content and clicks the link to the site it goes to:

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A variable/constant that inherits but does not share with the superclass, and does not share namespace
Category : Programming Languages

Is there a way to introduce some variable/constant with the the following three properties?

a) It inherits a superclass's value when it is not assigned in the own class.

b) It does not inherit other classes's value other than for superclasses's (even if they share the namespace).

c) It does not overwrite the superclasses's value when ass

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Android share Intent share image doesn't exist
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to share an image file which saved to internal storage using share intent.
after I intent image file doesn't display.

I used following code to save the image file

try {
FileOutputStream fos = openFileOutput("twitterimage.jpg", Context.MODE_PRIVATE);
// Writing the bitmap to the output stream

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getting current share in linkedin share api PHP not showing correct results
Category : PHP

I am sharing a post to linkedin using share api with

$endpoint = "http://api.linkedin.com/v1/people/~/shares";
$method = 'POST';

I am successfully able to share post to linkedin, and in response I am getting the, post_status (with value 201), now I am trying to link that post, for this I am making "current-share" ("$endpoint = http://

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Accessing Network Share Generates “Failed to start monitoring changes to '\share' because access is denied.”
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have two web applications both on the same IIS 7 box. One application is running in an app pool with .NET 2.0. The other is running in a different app pool with .NET 4. Both are running as the app pool identity and have identical settings. Each contains a virtual directory of a network share. To access the share, a username and password are used to connect. The .NET 2.0 web app connects just

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